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4 things that build tension between 'PBB' teens Heaven and Kisses

Oh no. Will there be "PBB: Clash of Beauties" anytime soon?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/5/2016 in News
4 things that build tension between 'PBB' teens Heaven and Kisses

By Netchai Moldes

Tension has started to build up inside the "Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7" house, specifically between Heaven Peralejo and Kisses Delavin.

But what are the things that could go between them that could lead to "war"? Here are four things that I noticed from last night's (September 4) episode.

1. THERE WAS NO CHANCE TO BE CLOSE. Heaven is close with Marco Gallo and Edward Barber, while Kisses is close to the other girl housemates.

Kisses: "Gusto ko lang sabihin na kami 'yung unang nagkita (looks at Heaven) 'di ba?. Nagustuhan kita (Heaven) pero medyo na-sad ako kasi ever since our stay here in 'PBB,' I don't think we ever talked."

Heaven: "Siguro wala lang akong time? Walang tiyempo. Gusto kong mas makilala rin ang lahat. Gagawa pa ako ng way. Gawa tayo ng way."

2. HEAVEN MISINTERPRETED MARCO AND EDWARD ABOUT THE "FRIENDZONE" THING. Heaven thought that the two male housemates like her.

Edward: "At the beginning we were always making fun of Marco because he was 'so-called' impressed by you (Heaven). So every time you did something like 'bro-ish' to Marco all the more he was like 'in the zone.'"

Heaven: "Ah kasi 'friendzoned.'"

Edward: "We're so far and deep into the friend zone that we are in the maximum security holding cell. Marco and I were debating who was further down."

Heaven: "(To Big Brother) Na-friendzone daw sila. Gusto ko lang din pahirapan 'yung dalawa Kuya. Ewan ko. Naloloka na sila Kuya. Sabi ko ay ipagpapatuloy ko 'to."

Edward: (To Heaven) "Honestly though, what Marco and I supposed to think?"

Heaven: "Wala, secret. We'll talk about it outside."

3. HEAVEN THOUGHT THAT MARCO IS USING KISSES TO MAKE HER FEEL JEALOUS. Heaven shared her own interpretation of the "friendzone" thing where she put Edward and Marco, indirectly stating that both have a crush on her. It led to her telling the girls that Marco is making her jealous by getting close to Kisses.

Heaven: "Ay speaking of, 'yun nga, nag-uusap kami ni Marco. Siyempre magseselos ka 'pag nakita mo 'yung close friend mo na close sa iba. (Sabi ko sa kanya), Hmm? Loko ka! Sabi niya nagselos nga rin naman ako nung kayong dalawa ni Edward. (Sabi ko) Hmm? Ikaw ha! Kaya ka niya (to Kisses) inanuhan (nilapitan) nung umiikot kayo."

Maymay: "Kasi nagseselos din siya sa inyo."

Heaven: "Pinagseselos niya..."

Maymay: (To Heaven) "Ikaw?"


At the girls' bedroom...

Kisses: "Nasaktan ako sa sinabi ni Heaven (crying). Sabi ni Heaven si Marco daw nilalapitan lang ako kasi pinagseselos daw ni Marco siya (Heaven). Ang sakit-sakit."

Outside the bedroom...

Kisses:  (To Marco) "Ang sama mo, hindi na ako tatabi sa'yo. Ang bad mo."

Marco: (clueless) "If I did something that you didn't like and you don't like it, I'm so sorry."

Kisses. "Okay na baka maging big deal."

Unless they talk about it, these two beauties will never get their problems fixed.

We hope the housemates will sort out their issues.

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