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8 moments from Edward and Heaven's blooming 'PBB' love story

Did Heaven get jealous with Kisses over date with Edward?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/15/2016 in News
8 moments from Edward and Heaven's blooming 'PBB' love story

By Netchai Moldes

"Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7" teen housemates Heaven Peralejo and Edward Barber started out as friends, but we've witnessed things level up between these two the past few weeks.

Edward eventually mustered the guts to admit to Heaven his true feelings. The feeling is mutual too.

Let's recall some moments of Heaven and Edward shortly before and after the latter's confession.

1. He chose to to help Heaven for the LigTask Challenge

2. He was compelled to confront his true feelings after Heaven got nominated for eviction. Edward got worried that it would've been Heaven's last week inside the "PBB" house (which turned out otherwise).

3. Heaven got emotional over thinking she might get evicted next.

4. Edward felt that he needed to come clean about his feelings to Heaven before it's too late.

5. Heaven, without batting an eyelash, told Edward that she felt the same, right from the very start.

6. They were paired to do this scene from "Barcelona"

7. Heaven seemed extra curious about Edward's date with fellow housemate Kisses Delavin. The two were handpicked by celebrity guests Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla to have a Spanish-inspired picnic.

8. Heaven said she got kilig about Kisses and Edward, but she seemed distant to him after the date. Do we smell jealousy?

What will happen to EdVen now that Heaven got nominated again but are forbidden to tell their fellow housemates about it?

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