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Whatever happened to Zia Quizon?

Nasaan si Zia?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/14/2016 in News
Whatever happened to Zia Quizon?

By Chandral Selim

Zia Quizon was one of the most promising artists of our generation, but all of a sudden....

Poof! She became inactive in showbiz.

She has mainly stayed out of the limelight since the death of her father, film legend Dolphy, and we found ourselves wondering where on earth she could be now.

Just a little bit of a background, Zia has released two albums (with more coming, let's hope!) so far: 2011's "Zia" which was the mothership of her two hit singles, "Ako Na Lang" and "Dear Lonely," and 2013's "A Little Bit of Lovin'." She also sang the theme song of the Kim Chiu-Xian Lim movie "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?"

Here's what Zia Quizon is up to now (we think):

1. Showing up on other people's Instagram posts.

We get our social media fix of Zia's face with a little help from her friends.

And her sister...

2. She is somehow involved with a media solutions company.

A photo posted by ziaquizon (@ziaquizon) on

And they shoot music videos.

A photo posted by ziaquizon (@ziaquizon) on

We don't know what exactly Zia is doing with them, but by the amount of Instagram photos she has involving the company, we're thinking it's... something.

A photo posted by ziaquizon (@ziaquizon) on

Martin Nievera's son Robin is also there!

3. She has gone indie.

Maybe. Or at least she goes to gigs a whole lot.

A photo posted by ziaquizon (@ziaquizon) on

A photo posted by ziaquizon (@ziaquizon) on

Maybe she sings, maybe she doesn't, but it's quite comforting to know that Zia is still close to music.

A photo posted by ziaquizon (@ziaquizon) on

In spite of the relative mystery that surrounds Zia's life now, we hope that she's very happy with whatever she's doing.

Love you Zia! (Come back to us.)

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