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Pray for Megastar Sharon Cuneta's family!

Sharon: "We are all sick."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/11/2016 in News
Pray for Megastar Sharon Cuneta's family!

By Chandral Selim

In a post made yesterday, September 10, the Megastar Sharon Cuneta made a heartfelt confession to her Facebook followers that her entire family has been suffering from sickness.

She wrote, "Kiko had been nursing a stubborn cough on and off for about two months, and now lang he's getting better. Two days ago, our Miguel missed school because he had a very high fever and a bad cough. Yesterday, Miel missed school because she followed with a cough and high fever as well."

"Late yesterday, I felt a trangkaso coming on so I took medicine right away"," she relayed.

Mega lamented the circumstances that befell her children, saying, "Last night, Miel had a horrible asthma attack and I didn't know what to do with myself. When you're a mom you just wanna take all of your children's aches and pains and have them be spared. Yesterday, Kakie was fine and even had some friends sleep over. This morning she could no longer get up and was down with a fever and cough as well already."

"We are all sick."

"Miel, Miguel and Kiko have already gone to the doctor, but we are all still down. Kahit na daw our household helpers downstairs madaming may sakit."

"Please include them in your prayers, too."

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