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Coco, Vice + other kapamilyas express LOVE for their grandparents!

These celebrities will show you how they love their Lolos and Lolas!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

9/11/2016 in News
Coco, Vice + other kapamilyas express LOVE for their grandparents!

By Netchai Moldes

It's National Grandparent's Day today! Time to treat our dear Lolos and Lolas and make them feel awesome by celebrating their love for us.

But did you know that big Kapamilya actors and actresses are certified Lolo and Lola's boys and girls?

1. Coco Martin

A-list actor Coco Martin is a proud Lola's boy. He was raised by his Lola and he consults her when it comes to big decisions in his career.

Did you know that Coco was in the Star Circle batch 9? His batchmate then was Heart Evangelista. He was chosen by Mr. Johnny Manahan among the 300 plus hopefuls that year.

He stopped pursuing his career because of his Lola's advice.

In an interview with Kris Aquino last December of 2014,  he shared:

"Kapag nakatikim ka ng pera, tatamarin ka na mag-aral. Tapusin mo muna 'yung pag-aaral mo saka mo gawin lahat ng gusto mo. Kaya ginive-up ko 'yung Star Circle nun. Kahit ilalaunch na kami kasi nga idodrop na ako eh dahil ilang days na akong absent dun sa school eh. Tinapos ko muna 'yung school ko."

Coco might not be at the top of his career today if not for his Lola's advice.

In his interview with Inquirer last March, he revealed that he draws strength in lola characters in his teleseryes.

"This is because, in real life, I was raised not by my parents but my grandmother. I always say, my leading lady is my lola. I have one in most of the shows I was part of."

Did you know that he does everything to make his Lola comfortable? He brought a Queen-sized bed and even put a CCTV camera in her room so he can monitor her from time to time.

He also shared in an interview on "Tapatan ni Tunying" in 2013 that his benchmark is his Lola.

"Lola ko ang pamantayan ko sa buhay. Kumbaga siya ang iniidolo ko. Kaya 'yung ginawa ko, 'yung puwesto dati ng lola ko, ako na ang pumalit. Kasi ngayon ako 'yung may kakayanan ng tumulong."

2. Mariel Padilla

Mariel grew up with her Lolo and Lola. Her parents both lived abroad and she and her sister were both raised by her Lolo and Lola. She gives credit to her grandparents because she believes that who she is today is because of her Lolo and Lola's upbringing.

In a feature published by Candy last August of 2010, Mariel shared the best things about her Lolo and Lola:

"The best thing my lolo did for me is… he raised me. My parents both live abroad and my sister and I have been living with our grandparents for as long as I can remember. My Lolo used to bring me to school and pick me up all the time. We’d get french fries every day after school!"

"The best thing about my lola is…  she gives me food every day, no fail. I had to tell her the other day, “Lola, I’m trying to diet!” But she’ll still give it to me anyway. That’s my lola’s happiness."

3. Julia Montes

Julia's life goals always involved Lola Flory Hautea, who stood by her way back in 2005 when she started in "Going Bulilit."

In her interview on "Showbiz Inside Report" last February of 2013, Julia shared that her Lola sacrificed her salon business to support Julia's career full-time.

"'Nung nawala yun (parlor) ako rin yung unang nalungkot dahil sabi ko dahil pa sa akin."

She did her best and with her hard-earned money, she was able to put up her salon in 2012.

She loved her Lola dearly that she doesn't want her think of any problems she's going through.

"Ang goal ko, gumaan 'yung buhay nila. Kung may problema man ako sabi ko kung kayang ako muna, ako muna. Ayaw kong ma-involve sila."

4. Enchong Dee

Enchong is a proud Lola's boy. His Mama Perly was the one who drove him to meet Keren Pascual, now his manager.

His Lola was already liviing in the US but whenever she's home, he always makes it a point to include her in his activities.

He even teased his sibling about him being the favorite apo.

"Mama Perly Happy Birthday #Fact sya naghatid sa’kin sa greenbelt from DLSU para mameet si Tito keren, so technically kundi dahil sa pagda-drive nya iba siguro trabaho ko ngayon you can see in this photo that Im really her favorite apo sorry @ajdeeiii @icedeeph @ladadee14 ako daw kasi pinakamabait ️"

A photo posted by Enchong Dee (@mr_enchongdee) on

5. KC Concepcion

KC is very close to her Lola Elaine Gamboa-Cuneta. She took her grief to social media over the passing of her "Mita" last 2014.

"My first 6 hours without you is so tough.  I miss you so much Mita. I can't believe I won't be able to make you 'Gigil' anymore. I miss your skin, your stories, your scent, your expressions, your voice, your quotable quotes, holding your beautiful hands until we fall asleep. Thank you for everything. Grandmothers are a GIFT please let them feel special & treasure them while you have them. #ElaineGamboaCuneta ️️️ #SuperLola #ILoveYouBeyondLife"

In an interview with Boy Abunda on "The Buzz" last November 2014,  Sharon shared that KC offered to part part of her Lola's hospital bill which amounted to 8 digits.

KC even kept a video of her Lola talking and laughing with her on Instagram.

Her caption went:

"The little things mean a lot." I haven't seen you in 40 days. I miss you so, so much my Mita. I'm sorry I posted this without your makeup on :) Words can't explain how much I love you. How much I miss you. You & I are forever."

She regarded her Mita as her Super Lola.

"Mita Elaine, you were my best friend, my biggest fan, my soulmate. I'm looking forward to the day we can embrace, hold hands, talk, see and be with each other again. I want to hear all about your stories in heaven. How beautiful it is, how good the food is there, how you enjoy the company of everyone around you there. How wonderful and "robust" and handsome and good God is. How much fun your spontaneous adventures are, and how happy you are that you can do anything you want again, make "lakwatsa" in your most beautiful clothes, shoes & jewelry. I love you so much and I can't wait see your smile & beautiful eyes again. You allowed me to fly, because you knew I could. You taught me so much. Your love is a gift. I hope I continue to fly high so you can be proud. Mita, thank you for being the best. #SuperLola "

6. Vice Ganda

Vice was broken-hearted twice when his Lola Rosita and Lolo Gonzalo passed away.

He was in deep grief when his Lola passed away last December 31, 2011.

During his birthday celebration on "It's Showtime" last 2013, he cried over the surprise video where his Lolo Gonzalo made an appearance.

"Kasi 'yung lolo ko, 'yun po 'yung katuwang ng lola ko na nagpalaki sa akin. Magmula nung namulat 'yung mata ko, natuto akong naglakad, unang-una kumanta, unang-una akong tumula, unang-una akong sumali sa contest, unang-una akong nagkaroon ng medal, nandiyan na 'yung lolo ko."

It was then when he shared that his Lolo was hospitalized after he slipped and hit his head.

"Pagkatapos noon, kinausap niya kami, gusto na niyang bumalik sa probinsya (La Union). Eh ayokong pumayag. Kasi sabi ko nga sa lolo ko, 'Yung nga lang magkahiwalay tayo ng bahay, hindi kita nakakausap araw-araw, ang bigat-bigat na sa loob ko, 'yun pa kayang alam kong malayong-malayo ka, na 'pag gusto kitang silipin, hindi kita masisilip?'" he said.

He shared his fears over loosing his Lolo.

"Kinakabahan ako kasi 'yung salitang 'Gusto ko na bumalik sa probinsya' 'yun na 'yung hudyat na magkakahiwalay kami. Eh ako, sabi ko nga, huwag naman sana ipahintulot pero okay lang mawala lahat, wag lang lolo ko. Mawala na ang mayroon akong materyal, okay lang, kakayanin ko, huwag lang talaga ang pamilya ko."

"Ang wish ko lang ngayong birthday ko, sana sa susunod na birthday ko kasama ko pa rin ang lolo ko," he said.

He is also proud to say that his Lolo is his forever boyfriend.

"Happy Happy 93'rd Birthday to my forever loving boyfriend, the greatest Lolo in the world Lolo Gonzalo! You are God's greatest creation. I will love you till my next life."

His Lolo Gonzalo died last December 25, 2014.

Vice announced his Lolo's passing on Twitter.

And like how any Lolo and Lola loved their grandchildren, his Lolo Gonzalo made sure that Vice Ganda's film, "The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin" hit number one, making it the highest-grossing film in 2014.

Not all children are blessed with Grandparents who will spoil and shower the best love this world can offer.

So treasure yours while they are still alive.
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