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‘Dolce Amore’ hugot of the day: ‘Hindi para ibalik kung anong meron tayo, pero para makita ko ulit ‘yung mga ngiti mo’

Serena (Liza Soberano) enjoyed her date with River (Joseph Marco) and Simon (Enrique Gil) got really jealous

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/8/2016 in News
‘Dolce Amore’ hugot of the day: ‘Hindi para ibalik kung anong meron tayo, pero para makita ko ulit ‘yung mga ngiti mo’

By Kathleen N. Lavapie

On the day of River (Joseph Marco) and Serena’s (Liza Soberano) date, Simon (Enrique Gil) requested Connie (Jana Dangcalan) to do a background check on the former to see if there is something that might ruin his image.
Later on, Simon dreamt of River and Serena. In his dream, they were already dating. He saw that Serena was very much enjoying their dinner. When River touched Serena’s hand, he woke up screaming, “No!”
Connie came in his office and said that she has all the information that he needs about River. She stated that she even checked on River’s exes. They all say the same thing: That River is a very nice and romantic guy.
But Simon doesn’t need those. He wants something negative. Connie protested that maybe, River is just really nice.
Meanwhile, Serena was already dressed, waiting for River. When her phone rang, she said. “Hello, nandiyan ka na ba?” She thought it was River but it was Simon. He asked where she was and if they would still push through with their date.
Serena replied that River was on his way to pick her up and their date was still on so he didnn’t have to check on her.
A little later, Simon called again and asked if River’s already there. Their conversation went:

Serena: “Simon, kakababa ko lang ng phone andito na agad siya?”
Simon: “I just wanna make sure na darating siya. Ano suot mo?”
Serena: “What?”
Simon: “Anong suot mo?”
Serena: “I’m wearing a barely-there-backless camisole, a black leather micro skirt, and red lipstick.”
Simon: “Sigurado ka ba? ‘Di ba masyadong revealing ‘yang sinusuot mo? ‘Di ka naman ganyan manamit dati ah.”
He’s clearly jealous and concerned no matter how much he denied it. Then, he looked for a date for that night.
Back at the Marchesas, River finallymet Roberto (Ruben Maria Soriquez) and Luciana (Cherie Gil). He talks Italian by the way.

But she thought, “Hindi ako titigil na tulungan kang bumalik sa dati. Hindi para ibalik kung anong meron tayo, pero para makita ko ulit ‘yung mga ngiti mo.”

Later on, Simon came in the restaurant where River has made a reservation. He was with another girl. He asked if River was there but the maitre d replied that he has cancelled his reservation the last minute.
His date asked if he’s friends with River. The girl mentioned that he’s her ex. She said she broke up with him because River is a playboy and he just wants to go all the way with girls that he dates.
Maybe Simon was already thinking of wild things in his head because he cannot focus on his date. He did not know that River brought Serena to his grandparents’ place and they all had dinner together.
Simon kept calling. Of course, Serena won’t answer because they were talking happily. She got annoyed and turned off her phone, which made Simon all the more furious.
When he went to bed, he just tossed and turned. He kept on imagining things.
River took Serena home safe at exactly 11:59 PM. Before she went to bed, she cried. She thought of the moments she had with Simon before, how happy they were.

Simon set a meeting for the three of them the following day. What will happen?
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