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The week's best selfies: 'Pak! Awra!' with Coleen, Jodi + more

Because "Pak! Awra" is a lifestyle...

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/29/2016 in News
The week's best selfies: 'Pak! Awra!' with Coleen, Jodi + more

By Chandral Selim

What is "pak awra"?

"Pak awra" is posing like you're Anne Curtis when you're really just you, taking pictures with your front cam, head tilted slightly to the left and mouth pursed into a pout-smile hybrid.

"Pak awra" is a choice, "pak awra" is a lifestyle, and today, August 29, we compiled the best "pak awra" selfies of our favorite celebrities.

5.  Coleen Garcia

In the caption, Coleen wrote, "About to do my makeup for our last scene today! Still have the battle scars on my arms from my fight scene with @ramonathornes  Enjoying #ExtraService so far!"

Reason: Au naturel Coleen Garcia is my favorite Coleen Garcia. No make up, no fuss, no muss...and she is still the "pak awra"-est to ever pak awra.

4. Loisa Andalio

make up by @makeupbymjiquina 💋 thank you!!!

A photo posted by Josefina Loisa Andalio (@iamandalioloisa) on

Reason: Coming in hot next is former "Pinoy Big Brother All In" housemate Loisa, who has perfected the art of "angle angle 'tsong."

3. The new "It Girls"

#SofiaAt18 ✨

A photo posted by Sue Dodd (@sueannadoodles) on

Reason: This picture is brimming with fresh faces, the faint whisper of upcoming Star Cinema movies, and of course, "pak awra" vibes. The new "It Girls" - that includes Michelle Vito, Sue Ramirez, Kristel Fulger, and Elisse Joson - were brought together by Sofia Andres' 18th birthday.

2. Sofia Andres

Sofia Louise🙈😍❤️ @iamsofiaandres #SofiaAt18 #sofiaandres #sofiaandresfanpage #sofiaandresvlog 3/3

A photo posted by Sofia Louise Alejandre Andres💓 (@sofiaandress) on

Reason: Speaking of Sofia Andes, the lady was divinely bedazzling on her 18th.

1. Jodi Sta. Maria

Reason: No words can describe how beautiful Jodi is in this photo, so I'm not even going to attempt to do it. She looks straight out of a shampoo commercial, in the best possible way. "Pak awra?" "Pak awra."

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