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OPINION: Lea Salonga, 'burkini,' and 'The Lottery of Indecency'

Lea Salonga laments: "Saan tayo lulugar?"

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8/26/2016 in News
OPINION: Lea Salonga, 'burkini,' and 'The Lottery of Indecency'

By Chandral Selim

"The Voice of the Philippines" coach Lea Salonga took to her twitter today, August 26, 2016, to voice her outrage over the "Burkini ban" in France.

The ban was called by former French president Nicolas Sarkozy during the launch of his presidential campaign. Sarcozy said that the "burkini," worn primarily by Muslim women, was threatening French identity and called it a "provocation".

"Burkini"is a kind of swimwear designed to cover a woman from head to toe, and allows Muslim women to remain modest while on the beach.

Lea first posted a tweet from Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling who said, "So Sarkozy calls the burkini a 'provocation.' Whether women cover or uncover their bodies, seems we're always, always 'asking for it'."

Lea then posted a photo of "The Lottery of Indecency," saying, "So, ladies, what are we supposed to do? Saan tayo lulugar?"

Society always had a neat way of telling women how to dress. From work and school dress codes, even down to swimwear. Strict offices in our country prohibit "crazy" hair colors and crazy haircuts in the workplace, deeming it as "unprofessional."

Our own president Rodrigo Duterte also proposed a  similar ban against burkinis in Philippine beaches. He said the ban will exist in order to, ahem, "prevent rape."

Lea's tweets point out the disparity of certain "assumptions" made towards women all based on how they dress.

Society somehow expects women to be both liberal and conservative at the same time. Those who cross this narrow, sexist line are called "whores," "prudes" or, in the case of Sarkozy, "provocative".

Lea asks, "Where do we place ourselves in this society?"

I think as women, we should place ourselves wherever we want to. We should be able to dress the way we want, do what we want, and not be subject to sexist criticisms.

We should be free to cross the line. In fact, the line shouldn't even exist.

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