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Does Enchong regret letting go of his Olympic dreams?

Enchong: "Walang bagay na worth it ang hindi mahirap makuha.”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/24/2016 in News
Does Enchong regret letting go of his Olympic dreams?

By Netchai Moldes

For Enchong Dee, one of the sacrifices he did because of love for his family is giving up any swimmer's dream: to compete in the Olympics.

You can say that he's one tough competitive swimmer, preparing his way to the biggest arena on earth, to battle it out with the best of the best athletes in the world.

But things suddenly changed as another platform opened, giving him another set of opportunities, way different from his original goals.

Last Monday, August 22, Enchong was tapped as one of the youth speakers at the Chalk Campus Tour at Miriam College.

According to ABS-CBN Sports, the Kapamilya heartthrob was asked by an audience member on whether or not he feels sorry for his Olympic dreams.

"I have to admit I’ve had a few regrets," he was quoted to have said.

As much as he is capable of superhuman capacities like the record he set in swimming, Enchong is still like any other human being who can't help but sometimes think about what-ifs.

Just like what he tweeted a week ago, during the Olympics Season:

Nonetheless, what he gave up 10 years ago brought him huge amount of blessings for his family.

And whenever it's Olympic Season and he cannot avoid to think of the "what ifs," he always tells himself this:

"I have to remind myself why I did this 10 years ago. Hindi sa pagmamayabang but I was able to achieve many things at 23. I had my first resto this year, I was able travel to places I’ve never been to in the past. I am able to talk, to speak to students like you, and most of all help my parents in the finances," he said with pride."

Notwithstanding his showbiz accomplishments, Enchong continues his philanthropic efforts, helping out indigent and special kids learn how to swim in order to ready them especially during times of disaster.

What he gave up brought him so much more today. Who knows, he might've stumbled over a future Michael Phelps during his charities? You can never tell.

What we can tell though is that he became one of the most notable inspirations for the youth today. His focus, his life goals, and his discipline to become better are just awesome.

Because just like what he told the girls at Miriam College, "It will pay off in the future. Walang bagay na worth it ang hindi mahirap makuha."

A true reflection of the saying, "Nothing comes easy for those who dream."

But hey, we are not saying that it's good to just forget about it. Tokyo Olympics is on 2020, and by that time, he'd be on his 30s. Michael Phelps achieved his golds again in his 30s, so why not?

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