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Elisse knows Jerome with just one touch

That moment when Elisse held Jerome's hands...

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/2/2016 in News
Elisse knows Jerome with just one touch

By Regina Tabora

Former secret lovers Jerome Ponce and Elisse Joson were reunited - sort of - on "Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7" last night, August 1.

Jerome, who entered the house on Saturday, July 30, admitted that he still loves Elisse, but only wants to see her happy.

He wasn’t allowed to meet the female housemates at first, staying hidden at the boys’ bedroom with the help of McCoy De Leon, and only peeking at the door to watch them interact, or coming out when the girls are not in the living room.

On his second day at the house, Kuya asked him to proceed to the confession room, together with teen housemate JK Labajo.

The female housemates, who were blindfolded, then entered the room one by one. First was Yassi Pressman, followed by Jinri Park, and then Elisse. The girls had to guess who they were by touching them so that they could enter the house officially. When Yassi and Jinri touched JK, they easily recognized him because of his hair and hands.

When it was Elisses’s turn, she touched the hands of her former sweetheart. Asked who she thought he was, Elisse answered, “Parang si Jerome po.”

Will Elisse and Jerome finally get to talk about the past? Will they find closure or a second chance?

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