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Maris Racal is a girl who pulls away her family from life's hardships on 'MMK'

Tunghayan si Maris Racal sa isang madamdaming pagganap sa "MMK" ngayong Aug. 20.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/19/2016 in News
Maris Racal is a girl who pulls away her family from life's hardships on 'MMK'

Growing up, Analyn (10) and her brother Allan (16) never deprived – all their needs and wants are provided to them by their father Sulpicio (45), who manages a general merchandise shop and runs a poultry business in Pagadian City.

Analyn enjoys the wealthy and comfortable lifestyle and admires Sulpicio’s unbounded capacity to support their family, especially his epileptic and dependent wife, Luzminda (41). Luzminda and Sulpicio raise their children in a family that is God-centered, disciplined, well-provided for and above all, loving.

But the tables drastically turn when Sulpicio suddenly dies of a liver complication that he never told his dependent family about. His sudden death unravels the unpreparedness of his family, especially the then spoiled Analyn.

In reduced circumstances, Analyn (20’s) sees how Luzminda suffers from depression and her aggravating epilepsy and how Allan goes on to rebellion. Barely adapting to this and the abrupt beggary, Analyn is forced to stand up for their family and strive hard to sustain the legacy of Sulpicio.

To finish her studies, Analyn comes to experience being a househelp and endure what was then impossible. But empowered by her father’s love, Analyn braves her way through the stumbling blocks in life eventually succeeds as a licensed educator.

Genre: Drama



Maris Racal as Analyn
Veyda Inoval as Young Analyn
Aleck Bovick as Luzminda
Cris Villanueva as Sulpicio
John Manalo as Young Allan
Alchris Galura as Allan
Via Veloso as Luzvilla

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