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Why is Sharon Cuneta greatly affected by Thailand bombing?

Sharon Cuneta pray for world peace to condemn the series of terrorist attacks

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/13/2016 in News
Why is Sharon Cuneta greatly affected by Thailand bombing?

By Cheska Espina

Megastar Sharon Cuneta was greatly affected by a devastating news she heard today, August 13, about bombings in Thailand.

Thailand was rocked by 11 bombings and most of the affected areas were tourists spots and provinces.

On Instagram (@sharoncuneta), the Megastar expressed her sadness and explained why she is deeply affected with this news.

"I am feeling so very badly about the bombings in Thailand...A couple of those places have been our haven, our sanctuary for many years now..."

"It hurts me and my family so deeply that nowadays, people just can't be sure any longer of when their peaceful retreats will be destroyed by a few..."

The "The Voice Kids" coach went on to pray, "May God help the residents of these cities/islands recover soon and not allow these evil acts to paralyse them and take away their happiness..."

Sharon also asked everyone to offer a short prayer to the victims of the bombing.

"Let us not be selfish with our prayers...Perhaps as we pray for our own here who are constantly affected by heavy rains, etc., we can include the Thais in our talks with God. Thanks, guys."

"Take good care of yourselves and your loved ones. It is raining in Muntinlupa and I saw on the news that so it is in other places in the country, too... Prayers, prayers, prayers...And my heart is with you...Love you guys."

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