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LOOK: Jodi Sta. Maria in 'her pursuit of HAPPINESS'

Jodi Sta. Maria is a classy icon on the cover of MEGA magazine

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/1/2016 in News
LOOK: Jodi Sta. Maria in 'her pursuit of HAPPINESS'

By Cheska Espina

Jodi Sta. Maria is glamorous and gorgeous on the cover of Mega Magazine's August issue.

On the cover, the Kapamilya actress donned a white gown paired with some fine pieces of jewelry.

Thank you @mega_magazine ❤️ In the age of girl power and who-run-the-world, the childhood daydream of a fairytale wedding gets waylaid for bigger dreams of the feminist sort. The perfect wedding dress gets traded in for that fresh-off-the-runway look and the ideal romantic backdrop is set aside for an insatiable wanderlust. While all that is well and good, MEGA looks back at that pure and unabridged fantasy in our first bridal-inspired issue. A realist shaped by time and circumstance, Jodi Sta. Maria (@jodistamaria) proves that despite everything, love is still something worth celebrating and fighting for. Wearing the finest jeweleries from Ocampo's Fine Jewellery (@ocamposjewellery), Jodi opens up about life, loving and her firm belief in happily ever after. In the end, this modern woman proves that there is still a hopeless  romantic in all of us. From planning, to the actual ceremony and even as far as your honeymoon, we have got you covered as we round up the who’s who of the wedding industry, the best of made-to-order and ready-to-wear bridal wear and even the beauty looks you should consider for your big day. Tap the link in our bio to read our latest issue or download the e-mag now via Apple App Store or Google Play. #MEGANation #MEGANationWithJodi #JodiStaMaria

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Jodi, dubbed by the magazine as "a realist shaped by time and circumstance," will inspire and prove MEGA readers that in spite of everything she went through in life, love is still something worth celebrating and fighting for.

The award-winning actress starred in Star Cinema's blockbuster film "The Achy Breaky Hearts" with Ian Veneracion and Richard Yap.

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