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‘Dolce Amore’ hugot of the day 'You found my heart'

River (Joseph Marco) has finally found the girl he was looking for

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

8/1/2016 in News
‘Dolce Amore’ hugot of the day 'You found my heart'

By Kathleen N. Lavapie

River (Joseph Marco) got quite disappointed that none of the girls at the Dubois office was the one he was looking for. But, Tenten (Enrique Gil) reassured him that he will find a way to find that person.

On River’s way out of the building, he dropped his heart key chain. Serena (Liza Soberano), who was on her way in, picked it up. When she saw River, she gave it back to him.

She said, “Signore, you dropped your heart. I believe this is yours.” To which he replied: “Yes, this is mine. You found my heart.”
Still awestruck, River went in the building again to follow her.  He caught her in the elevator.

Serena was going to the top floor, which was the president’s office, so River had the chance to talk to her. He thanked her for giving his “heart” back to him. He also asked if she had some business with the president.

She explained that Tenten, or Signore Dubois, has the most important thing to her and wants to destroy it. And when she sent her assistant to present her proposal to him, he did not even listen so she wants to talk to him personally.

When they got to the office, Serena blurted out, “You’re unbelievable!” Entered River, who said that Serena has found his heart.

Serena wanted to talk to Tenten in private, so when River went out, she reprimanded him for not entertaining her assistant. But, as always, Tenten has no time to listen to her because he has a lot of meetings lined up.

After that, River talked to her again and accompanied her to the elevator. He also offered to take her home but she declined.

When she was finally out, River realized that he forgot to ask for her number, so he called Tenten, and said: “Hello, Simon. I found my girl!” Then he went back to Tenten’s office. But Tenten seemed to discourage him, saying that Serena is not polite, moody, and her arms are big! It didn't change River's mind. Their deal is still on.

When he gets to introduce Serena to his grandparents, they will give him the property and then he would sell it to Tenten.

Meanwhile, Serena went back home and found her Papa all alone and sad. Roberto (Ruben Maria Soriquez) explained that he is in a very big house but he has nothing to do. So, Serena thought of surprising him with a delicious meal and some father-daughter dancing.

She did not want to get disturbed so she did not take any call. But then, there’s one caller who was very insistent. It was River. He asked Serena if he could take her to dinner. Serena still declined his offer.

That same moment, Tenten couldn’t help but think of the two so he asked his secretary to call her and set an appointment right at that moment.

While the secretary was calling Serena, he called River. Both numbers were busy. You can tell, Tenten wasn’t pleased with it.

When he finally reached her, Serena was so annoyed already because she and Roberto were in the middle of dancing. She explained to the secretary that if he wants to talk to her, be decent and considerate because she's in the middle of a date.

That night, Tenten went home annoyed and confused. What will he do next?

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