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Gary V: 'ASAP' was never a trend. It has always been a habit'

Gary V shares why “ASAP” has overcome every challenge

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/8/2016 in News
Gary V: 'ASAP' was never a trend. It has always been a habit'

By Netchai Moldes

If there's anyone who knows "ASAP" in and out, Gary Valenciano would have to be one of them.

"I only joined 'ASAP' in 2004, 2005. At that point 'ASAP' was what 10? Almost 10 years old?" he shared during the "#ASAPinoy" press conference held recently. "I would guest every once in a while. 'Pag kailangan, mag-gue-guest ako."

Fast forward to 2015, competition got tighter, and so the production team made certain changes on the show.

"At that time I was very honest sa 'ASAP' and to ABS-CBN at sinabi ko na if my goal is not as much needed na, I don’t mind appearing less, so that the others will also be given more exposure," he said.

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"I don’t know if you notice this, the hosts now are Toni, Piolo, Luis and Sarah," he related. "For me it’s a change, it’s a good change because it’s something fresh, it’s something new, at hindi lang 'yung tipong sinipa nalang kami nina Martin (Nievera), ni Zsa Zsa (Padilla) because they never expressed na hindi na kami kailangan. They just said they just need to make a change. Mabuti naman na Martin and myself and Zsazsa had all agreed na okay, we’ll go with you with this, we’ll go with you with the change."

It's easy to know why. Gary believes in "ASAP."

"I trust the team that I am working with, it’s an incredibly hard working team and we can pull off almost the impossible."

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With the changes implemented on the show, Gary is excited to do his "power performances."

"Now what I like is that, paminsan-minsan lang 'to lumalabas but now, there is more of an impact dun sa mga numbers na ginagawa nila."

He is also happy with how the performers enjoy their production numbers. "Because that’s always what Martin and I always wanted to see that everybody gets to enjoy what they are doing," he added.

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Gary is also happy with the relationship he built with the production team of "ASAP."

"I think one thing about 'ASAP' is that through the years, you can see that talagang little by little, they are not settling for what is good. They aim for what is best," he pondered on. "We’ve learned from our greatest moments. We’ve suffered but also learned from our most challenging times. And we’re ready for more challenges because we’ve overcome what we’ve considered could be the worst of all."

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A photo posted by ASAPOFFICIAL (@asapofficial) on

A photo posted by ASAPOFFICIAL (@asapofficial) on

Turning more pensieve, the total performer had a metaphor to the challenge that "ASAP" experienced few months ago and how they have surpassed that.

"With regard to the other side what they have created is a huge wave... There’s a huge huge wave. And everybody rolled on that wave. It crashed on the beach and it subsided. The waves, yes. You see,  'ASAP' is not a wave. It is the beach. The waves can hit on it, the waves can try and get all the white sands out but it’s not going to happen because it is not the nature of things," he said.

"ASAP was never a trend. It has always been a habit. So you don’t sacrifice a habit because of a trend," he declared.

He continued, "Will there be trends that may come up later on? Of course, there will  be. There will be great trends that will probably shake us again, but because of who we are, people just have to hear one or two notes or something, or people screaming and they’ll go right and glue right away on the television set."

Mr. Pure Energy will always be thankful that these huge waves has taught them to know what "ASAP" is for and what they are capable of.

"Things are changing and things have changed. Ratings will show you that things have changed. Meaning, you stick to what is right, you stick with what you have, you bring out the best of what you have, and people will learn to appreciate what is best," he enthused.

This team just proves that when you stick with what you believe in, you become unbreakable. Kudos to "ASAP!"

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