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#Realsparks: Watch Gerald, Bea in 'How To Be Yours' teaser

What's your favorite kilig scene in the "How To Be Yours" teaser?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/6/2016 in News
#Realsparks: Watch Gerald, Bea in 'How To Be Yours' teaser

Bea Alonzo will once again show how she easily and effortlessly ignites chemistry with any leading man in the teaser for the upcoming film "How To Be Yours."

The teaser, now up on Star Cinema's YouTube channel, introduces us to her character Anj and her love interest Niño, played by her former flame Gerald Anderson.

This is the first time that we see them in the big screen together, and boy, sparks do fly!

The teaser ends in a cute flirtation scene in which Niño asks Anj, "how to be yours po?"

Directed by Dan Villegas, "How To Be Yours" is a story about two people who met and fell in love. Niño, a sales agent who's bent on attaining stability and Anj, a self-taught cook who dreams of working in a high-end restaurant someday.

But when love changes their goals, will their relationship survive the struggles? What if the reasons that made them fall in love are not the same reasons for them to go on anymore?

"How To Be Yours" marks Gerald and Bea's first movie team-up. Coming soon in cinemas!
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