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Joey and Angelina Mead King show 'mad love'

A #LoveWins moment for Joey Mead and Angelina King

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/5/2016 in News
Joey and Angelina Mead King show 'mad love'

Angelina Mead King, formerly Ian King, has been showered with a lot of support from his loved ones and even people online since coming out as a trans woman last weekend. One of these people who showed "mad love" for her and wife Joey Mead is their close friend Iza Calzado.

The award-winning actress captured a sweet moment of Joey and Angelina kissing and shared it on Instagram.

“THIS IS LOVE!!!!️️️ took a snap of these 2 people whose love for each other has amazed me through the years. Thank you for inspiring us with this kind of LOVE.

Iza related how happy she is for Angelina.

"I am also very happy for your new found freedom @hailtothe_queen_," Iza shared. "I am not surprised by the amount of love and support that people are giving you now. You are a good person and people love you no matter what gender you choose because you have always shown them (us) kindness and compassion. Traits which you got from your dad. I know that he's smiling in Heaven and he is so proud of and happy for you.️"

Angelina reposted the video with a short but incredibly sweet caption:

“This is LOVE.”

Keep spreading the LOVE! #LoveWins

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