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Nikka Martinez, pinagselosan noon si Jennylyn Mercado?

How Nikka Martinez got over her anxieties about her husband's Patrick's former flame, Jennylyn Mercado

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/18/2016 in News
Nikka Martinez, pinagselosan noon si Jennylyn Mercado?

Nikka Martinez has opened her heart up on her anxieties before about Jennylyn Mercado, the ex-girlfriend of her now-husband, actor Patrick Garcia.

Nikka made the revelation in her blog entry "A Boy After My Heart," posted last July 16.

She shared how God helped her move on and erased all the insecurities she once had.

“I was confident in mostly everything except his past. Knowing that he has a son whom he adores with someone he used to love, not to mention, a very good-looking person… brought about the feeling of INSECURITY in me," she said.

She confessed to have had those moments when she was constantly battling with her emotions. Nikka related that she would often overthink every time Patrick went to Jennylyn's house to visit their son, Alex Jazz.

To overcome these negative thoughts and emotions, Nikka fervently prayed to God and asked for His guidance. One day, amidst all of those, God worked on His little but magical ways to help her survive the struggles of insecurities. A prayer was answered.

But it was something that involved her reaching out to the "Just The 3 Of Us" actress.

She recalled:

“About a couple of months into the planning of our dream wedding, I woke up extremely bothered. I remember starting my morning devotion but I just couldn’t concentrate. I had an urge to reach out to Jen (weird right?!) I did not tell ANYONE about this, especially Patrick. I did not want anyone to influence what it was I was feeling.

"If I were to do this, I wanted to do this according to what God was putting in my heart.After a week of fasting and a day (I tried to delay… hehe), I decided to go for it and send her a text message. I thought to myself, 'Lord, bahala ka na. You know what’s in my heart. If this is from You, then all will be well. If this is Your plan, then Jen will reply.'

"And in less than five minutes from the time the message was sent, I got a reply. Take note, we haven’t met. I introduced myself and asked if we can meet to talk. She agreed. Iba talaga ang Panginoon!!! We met. We talked.”

After that conversation, Nikka felt relieved. Finally, all those feelings of jealously and insecurity were replaced with admiration and compassion.

When she told Patrick about it, “He hugged me so tight. He thanked me over and over again. He said he loves me a million times. He was so happy. And so was I. That was all that mattered to me. I wanted my (soon-to-be) husband to be happy."

Nikka further enthused, "It was absolutely worth it. It was beyond priceless.I have nothing but respect for Jen because she is the mom of Jazz. I know my place in Jazz’s life. I am and always will be his Tita Nikka, who loves and cares for him genuinely.”

Patrick and Nikka got married March of last year. They have two lovely daughters. Nikka gave birth to their second child Nikola Patrice just last January.

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