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Inigo Pascual is dating this hot GirlTrends member

Meet the Fil-Brit beauty Inigo Pascual’s dating

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/15/2016 in News
Inigo Pascual is dating this hot GirlTrends member

By Marty Hsu

A Kapamilya cutie like Inigo Pascual deserves a lovely lady, so we’re just happy to hear he’s dating Filipino-British Kelley Day, a member of GirlTrends from “It’s Showtime!”  
“She's beautiful, everyone can see that. For now, we're just good friends. We don't want to rush things. We're just getting to know each other,” Inigo said in an interview with ABS-CBN News.
Inigo added that Kelley, who he met in an acting workshop, has become his closest friend who shares the same interests with him.
Right now, the two haven’t set what their official label is, but there is no rush for that as they are still just enjoying each other’s company.
"I consider her to be one of my most trusted friends. I find her to be really beautiful and really charming so we'll see where this goes. ...I'm happy with what we have right now,” he said.
It looks like Inigo is making the right moves though and actually doesn’t really have to do much to impress Kelley.
"He's done a really good job in making his own name considering his father," said Kelley. "I'm super proud of him. I kind of just started as well and he's giving me a lot of advice."
Has Kelley met Inigo’s dad Piolo Pascual? Why, yes. Yes, she has but it didn’t seem to go as smoothly as Kelley wished.
"I was really embarrassed because it was at the sports fest. And I don't think his dad knew that we were talking and stuff,” the 18 year-old beauty admitted.
She added, "So at the sports fest, he was playing badminton and I was giving him his water and his towel. And then his dad started looking at me and I said, 'Iñigo, I'm scared.’”

A photo posted by Kelley Day (@itskelleyday) on

A photo posted by Kelley Day (@itskelleyday) on


A photo posted by Kelley Day (@itskelleyday) on

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