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'Dolce Amore' hugot of the day: 'Serena, dati may tayo merong ikaw at ako'

Simon (Enrique Gil) finally tells Serena (Liza Soberano) the truth

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/3/2016 in News
'Dolce Amore' hugot of the day: 'Serena, dati may tayo merong ikaw at ako'

By Kathleen N. Lavapie

The can of worms are coming out.

Serena (Liza Soberano) and Simon (Enrique Gil) finally had a chance to talk about things when they had a solo moment together during a trip.

She asked him to just tell her the truth, and so he did.

Simon started his confession by saying that she was the reason why he and Angel (Sue Ramirez) broke up.

Serena found it hard to listen to what Simon was saying, so she walked out and saw fireflies.

When Simon caught up with her, he continued his confession.

The conversation went:

Simon: “Nagkahiwalay kami ni Angel dahil sa’yo, dahil mahal kita, dahil mahal pa rin kita Serena.”

Serena: “Oh no, no, no, no, no! (slaps Simon). How could you say that you love me? You’re being so unfair to my Ate! No! That cannot be, Simon. No!”

Simon: “Serena makinig ka sa’kin, totoo ang sinasabi ko. Serena mahal kita. Ikaw pa rin ang mahal ko. Ikaw lang talaga. Ikaw lagi.”

As Serena still refused to believe everything that he said, Simon started singing the song she wrote.

This made Serena realize that she knows the song and demanded him to tell her who he really is.

The conversation went on:

Simon: “Ako ‘to Serena, ang 'Timon' mo, ang buhay mo. Serena, dati merong tayo, merong ikaw at ako.”

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