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Tippy Dos Santos recalls her tough yet sweet journey to the Sablay

Tippy Dos Santos is an inspiration to anyone determined to finish their studies

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/13/2016 in News
Tippy Dos Santos recalls her tough yet sweet journey to the Sablay

By Rowena Joy Sanchez

Juggling showbiz and studies is definitely not easy but Tippy Dos Santos pulled it off with a big smile on her face and an even bigger determination.

The 21-year-old singer-actress and MYX VJ proudly related that she has graduated from the University of the Philippines with a BS in FLCD (Family Life & Child Development) degree.

In spite of the challenges and moments that she almost gave up, Tippy pushed through, fueled by her desire to complete her education and making her parents proud.

She related this in a lengthy yet inspiring Instagram post yesterday, June 12.

Her caption went:

"WARNING: extremely long and cheesy appreciation post coming. There have come many times in my college life when I felt as though I couldn't push on anymore, whether that be because I didn't have enough sleep because I had work or because I didn't know what to prioritize first...

"Somehow, by the grace of God, I found so many reasons to just move forward and suck it up even through the hardest of days. The most important reason for me to fight through the hardships was the love I have for my family, knowing that it would make my parents so happy to know that I have given importance to the most precious gift they could give me, my education.

"Mom and Dad, I love you both so much and the two of you have given me so much love that I could never do anything to repay the love and care you both have given me throughout my life. The both of you are my greatest inspirations and I will ALWAYS make sure to find ways to make you proud and let you know that the every bit of my heart yearns to make you guys feel my love. I love you both so much... Mom and Pop, this one's for you!!!️ Happy June 2016!"
She also thanked her family, friends, relatives, colleagues, and everyone else who supported her in her journey to the Sablay.
Tippy went on to encourage everyone to have faith in themselves that they can pull through in whatever they set their mind into.

"To everyone out there doubting themselves and rethinking life goals because they think they can't do so many things at once, THINK AGAIN and remember that with enough determination, inspiration and love for yourself and life, you can always find a way to finish your checklists. (Minsan nga Lang, may hawak ka pang microphone habang gumagawa Ng thesis) ," she enthused.

"Lastly, to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, thank You. You have been my rock and my light through every speed bump and mountain I had to cross. Your love gives me life. I am so blessed to have You in my life," she added.

Tippy, who is Stephanie Denise Dos Santos in real life, wants to become a pediatrician someday.

Congratulations, Tippy!

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