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From being extra to becoming a versatile actress: Denise Laurel shares hardships before fame

Learn from the inspiring story of Denise Laurel

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/23/2016 in News
From being extra to becoming a versatile actress: Denise Laurel shares hardships before fame

By Cheska Espina

Now that she's about to celebrate her 20th year in showbiz, Denise Laurel recalled her hardships when she was trying to break into the business.

“I used to ride in tricycle, in jeep, bus and go by myself to tapings. Wake up extra early, ride with the service. I paid my dues," Denise shared in an interview with PUSH. "I started as an extra. I never ask for any connection or help with my family. People were mean to me when I was starting in the industry because I was a Laurel."

That was the first time that the singer-actress opened up on the matter.

“I never talked about it before but it was really hard to be in the industry because I looked the way I looked and I spoke the way I spoke and I had my last name. I started from the bottom talalaga, extra, riding on a service, taking tricycle," she stressed.  "I never had a yaya growing up. Hindi ko talaga ito kinukuwento before pero ganu’n ako nagsimula."

In spite of these hardships, "I never gave up," Denise said. She was in theater as early as when she's six years old, and on TV, four years after.

“You know what, I keep my head down, stay humble, focus on what my directors wants of me," she said on her secret to success. "Focus on what I deliver. Kaya if you ask me tsismis, you ask me what’s going out in the world, dati hindi ko alam kasi batang set lang talaga ako. Kung anong nangyayari sa set, talagang binababad ko yung sarili ko do’n."

She added, "Kahit pack-up na ako mag-i-stay pa ako. Mag-a-AD (assistant director) pa ako. Magpi-PA (production assistant) ako. Gusto ko talagang matutunan lahat para masabi kong alam ko yung mga ginagawa ko.”

So if there's anyone who can give an inspiring message to showbiz aspirants, Denise is definitely one of them.

"Don’t give up and always do your best," she said. "Dapat lagi ring humble and always put your feet on the ground. Ako, I never gave up kahit pa anong nangyari sa buhay ko. Nag-persevere talaga ako. And if you really like what you’re doing, di ka naman hihinto, right? Ganu’n lang dapat yung attitude. Laban lang nang laban."

Denise is the "Your Face Sounds Familiar" Season 2 grand winner. She starred in the 2015 television series "Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita."

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