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Read Marvin Agustin's inspiring open letter to students

Marvin Agustin builds his own school

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/19/2016 in News
Read Marvin Agustin's inspiring open letter to students

Marvin Agustin has ventured into various businesses such as restaurants and concert promotions. Now, he's a certified school founder.

The actor has established an entrepreneur school for future students, called Entreplab School, particularly those stepping into Grade 11.

In a lengthy Facebook post today, May 19, Marvin, went beyond just education in his message. He talked about his life as a student and how he eventually realized how valuable it is.

Here is the entire Facebook post:


"It was on May 15, 2016 where I took part in a shoot for my newest project, Entreplab School.

"I looked at the students, some of which will be our future students, and I was immediately brought back to my days when I walked in their shoes. We shot at the Entreplab School campus. It is located on the former Sta. Rita College-Annex grounds, a campus which was my alma mater, and where I spent a good 10 years of my life growing up. In one of the classrooms was a familiar corner, where after all these years, remained unchanged. It was nostalgic to say the least. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I heard the voices of my strict teachers who echoed their disappointment because I was more focused on the words carved on my desk rather than the lessons they have written on the board. I remember all the jokes I cracked, when my classmates laughed hysterically and my teachers frowned unappreciative.

"Makulit na talaga ako non, and I have to admit, I did not have the highest of grades, if anything, I was ‘struggling to learn’ sabi nila. But maybe it was because Math formulas, past participles and laboratory reports never really appealed to me as something I needed. Beneath the jokester was someone who yearned to learn the challenges of real life- what I thought I needed to succeed. In that corner of the room, I was always caught in daydream, visualizing my future that none of my books could picture for me. Then I got to thinking again, where the misbehavior rooted from? Maybe I repeatedly questioned; what if school actually helped me.

"During the break, I looked again at our future students - I couldn’t help but smile. I had to tell them that my school problems in the past are all just that- problems of the past. The students and I sat down and started talking. We imagined a school where the faculty is full of heart and passion, and you learn based on their stories and their experiences. We imagined a school with no homework or pop quizzes but rather more time to engage with chefs, restaurateurs and business owners- and where you get to be part of the action when it happens.
We imagined a school where the country’s most successful industry leaders will offer their time and guidance, sitting down with students and sharing their own inspirations. We imagined a school where your interest and creativity will be top priority and you can learn doing what you love. We imagined a school where what you learn is not because you memorized, but because they are actual memories. I paused for a moment and smirked. We don’t really have to imagine- it’s right here in front of us, it’s Entreplab School.

"I hope that our future students realize this once in a lifetime opportunity before them. A chance to change the problems of the past and be optimistic of a future they can create. I can’t even begin to explain how much passion I have for this endeavor- I just know that we have a dedicated group of faculty, business partners and industry leaders willing to provide them creative resources to be our country’s next success stories. This is an opportunity for you, take it- take it and succeed.”

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