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Ana Capri files complaint against 'sex offender'

Actress Ana Capri feels traumatized after alleged harassment at Taguig club

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/19/2016 in News
Ana Capri files complaint against 'sex offender'

MANILA - Actress Ana Capri filed complaints Tuesday afternoon against a still-unidentified man for allegedly sexually harassing her inside a club in Taguig City last April 3.

Capri and her camp are pushing for charges of physical injury, acts of lasciviousness, and slander by deed against one "John Doe," the placeholder name for the alleged offender.

Capri also filed a separate complaint for violation of Presidential Decree No. 1829 or obstruction of justice against one of the security officers of the Taguig club.

According to Capri, "John Doe" grabbed her buttocks while she was charging her phone inside the club. After feeling violated, she slapped the suspect. In retaliation, the man slapped her.

Capri narrated that they were then separated and she was asked to wait outside the club. She alleged that the man, who she said were friends with several "VIP guests," was then escorted out of the club and into a private vehicle.

The sexy actress said she later asked the club for the man's name, but the club refused to give that information. The Palace Pool Club has since released a statement regarding the incident.

"At approximately 4 a.m. of April 3, 2016 a male guest allegedly touched Ms. Ana Capri's behind in the Palace Pool Club that made Ms. Capri slap the unnamed male. In retaliation, the unnamed male slapped Ms. Capri back. This is when the Palace security force stepped in and separated the two parties."

"As protocol in similar situations, security separates both parties to prevent further escalation of the incident and the aggressive party, in this case the male guest, was sent out and was permanently banned from the Palace as per standard operating procedure. The palace management is willing to help Ms. Capri and the authorities if its cooperation is needed," the statement said.

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