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What vacationing with a baby has taught Bianca Gonzalez

Bianca shares another "strike anywhere" breastfeeding moment

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/18/2016 in News
What vacationing with a baby has taught Bianca Gonzalez

By: Cheska Espina

Travel really teaches a person a lot, and that holds true for TV host Bianca Gonzalez.

Before summer ends, Bianca and her husband JC Intal took their baby daughter Lucia to a trip to California for another getaway.

It's their first out of the country trip with their daughter and they are definitely having a good time and at the same time learning a lot.

On Instagram (@iamsuperbianca), Bianca shared what they learned from vacationing with their little angel.

"Vacationing as a couple with your baby teaches you cooperation, patience, powering through, and selflessness like nothing else can!" the caption reads.

Moreover, Bianca shared pictures from their trip, which includes her a snapshot of her "strike anywhere" breastfeeding moment.

Bianca and JC had an intimate wedding in El Nido Palawan in December 4 of 2015. Their daughter Lucia will turn seven months old in five days.

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