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Baron Geisler to seek legal action following viral video?

Baron explains his side on the controversial viral video

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/17/2016 in News
Baron Geisler to seek legal action following viral video?

By Rowena Joy Sanchez

Baron Geisler is dismayed after a video showing him going ballistic towards students of University of the Philippines-Diliman went viral.

He explained his side on the issue with a statement to "Tonight With Boy Abunda" yesterday, May 16, that went:

"The video was taken out of context, and because of that, I plan to consult my lawyers for the possible liabilities of the person who uploaded the video whose apparent intention is to exploit my already damaged reputation."

Host Boy Abunda said their team got to speak to Baron before the show through which he clarified that he wasn't drunk when the incident happened.

Also, contrary to speculations in social media, he stressed that the video wasn't scripted and is not part of an experiment.

Baron also said that when tensions subsided, they got to talk and settle the matter - something which wasn't seen in the video.

A certain Khalil Verzosa, a student from UP Dillman, uploaded the controversial video on his Facebook account. According to his narrative, their team hired Baron as an actor in their editorial design campaign. Script delay sent the award-winning actor in a raging fit.

starcinema.com.ph has tried to reach Khalil but he has yet to respond to us.

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