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How Janella grew as a fine lady

Here's what makes Janella Salvador worth-emulating.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/12/2016 in News
How Janella grew as a fine lady

By Clara Quiambao

Growing up with a single parent may be a challenge but it wasn’t a hindrance for singer-actress Janella Salvador to grow as a fine 18-year-old lady.

In an interview with Star Studio magazine for its May issue, Janella shared, “I grew up without my dad but I didn't really feel like I was missing out on  anything. It was not a dramatic life, kahit wala 'yung dad ko, I felt complete pa rin. I was happy growing up with my mom.”
Her mom Jenine Desiderio and dad Juan Miguel Salvador broke up when she was four years old.

Janella praised her mother for being there to mold her to become the best she can be.

"For a mom, she is very normal, I can even consider her strict. She lives by her principles and kung ano ang alam niya. Walang compromises, what she says, 'yan na talaga 'yun,” Janella said.

“To my advantage naman I grew up disciplined, alam ko kung ano ang tama at mali even when she is not around. What I can also say about her is never siyang naging pabaya," she added.

Get a copy of Star Studio magazine’s May issue to read the full interview with Janella. It is now available in bookstores and newsstands nationwide.
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