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Mariel Rodriguez defends self from controversial election photo

Mariel Rodriguez: "If I have offended anyone I humbly ask for your forgiveness."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/10/2016 in News
Mariel Rodriguez defends self from controversial election photo

"It's Showtime" host Mariel Rodriguez has maintained that she did not violate any rule of the Commission on Elections following the controversial photo she posted yesterday, May 9.

On Instagram, Mariel shared a lengthy explanation expressing her side to netizens who accuse her of violating a Comelec rule because of the "DU30" shirt she wore when she voted. She is a fervent supporter of Davao mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Her full post read:

"Honestly, i really don't think that i did anything unlawful. i have reviewed the reminders of the voting rules."

"1. i did not take photos inside the precinct because the comelec in charge told me it was not allowed. photo was taken in my personal car and outside the precinct where volunteers took photos with me as well so I thought I didn't disobey any rule."

"2. noone has seen my ballot."

"3. i am aware that you are not allowed to wear a shirt that states the NAME of your candidate or his/her face. DU30 is not his name."

Mariel concluded her post by apologizing to those she may have offended.

"if i have offended anyone i humbly ask for your forgiveness but it was never my intention to break the rules. Thank you for your understanding," she wrote.

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