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Why younger Dawn Zulueta could've been Miss Universe

Know what makes Dawn Zulueta a worthy and true "Miss Universe" of showbiz.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/8/2016 in News
Why younger Dawn Zulueta could've been Miss Universe

By: Cris Emmanuelle Felix

True to the Throwback Thursday tradition, Dawn Zulueta posted another photo of her younger self yesterday, April 7, on Instagram (@dawnzulueta).

According to the 47-year-old actress, the photo was taken in 2007.

Though almost a decade has already passed and she now has two kids, Dawn has remained stunning and vibrant - making her known as an ageless beauty.

If only she joined pageants in her younger years, maybe, just maybe, she could be Miss Universe too!

Why not? She's got all the qualities that make for a worthy and true Miss Universe.

Dawn has fine symmetrical features - perfect nose, wonderful eyes, luscious lips, perfect cheekbones, and jawline; a perfect body that can walk the talk.

Plus, Dawn can pull off a sexy yet classy look even in her bikinis, something that not many can pull off.

#ThrowbackThursday Be Summer-Ready with @mariefranceph ☀️ #YesYouCanMarieFrance PR photo #2011 #dawnzulueta

A photo posted by Dawn Zulueta 🇵🇭 (@dawnzulueta) on

Add to that Dawn's ingenious sense of humor, wit, charisma, and sincerity in expressing herself. Seriously, who doesn't love her?

She would've made a great Miss Universe with her beauty, brains, and heart. After all, that pageant is not just all about perfection, extravagance, and fame, because behind all these things a good heart is the most important quality one should possess.

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