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Antoinette Taus calls for change, grateful to ABS-CBN

Antoinette Taus: "Thank you ABS-CBN for being a formidable example of change."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/5/2016 in News
Antoinette Taus calls for change, grateful to ABS-CBN

Antoinette Taus expresses gratitude to ABS-CBN for being a good example of change.

On her Facebook page, the 34-year-old actress wrote a lengthy post expressing her thoughts on the world of media as an artist.  

Antoinette said, "You've heard news time and again of great directors passing away and even of artists being hospitalized due to exhaustion."

"This actually isn't something that new. There is no direct link or evidence of their work being the cause of death, but it is a fact people in the entertainment industry have been confined time and again due to crazy working conditions," she added.

"But here I am ('MMK' taping), witnessing firsthand, a huge modification in the system. And who is pioneering this change? Well, none other than the great and magnanimous ABS-CBN. I mean, I believed change might come someday. But just not someday soon. They are one of, if not, the first to actually implement a massive alteration in the production process," she wrote.

Antoinette also praised the hardworking production crew, describing them as the heart and soul of the production.   

Read her full post here:

THANK YOU ABS-CBN. ❤️I used to joke that if you've ever been an actor or entertainer in the Philippines, you'd be able...

Posted by Antoinette Cherish Taus on Sunday, April 3, 2016

Recall that in the previous quarter, hardworking and award-winning directors Wenn Deramas and Francis Xavier Pasion died due to cardiac arrest.

Antoinette is the older sister of former fellow child star Tom Taus, who's now a DJ.

She has also appeared in various ABS-CBN shows such as "Ang TV," "Oki Doki Doc," and "Bridges Of Love"

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