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Bea Alonzo at Bela Padilla, ‘twins?’

Who is Bea and who is Bela?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/25/2016 in News
Bea Alonzo at Bela Padilla, ‘twins?’

Long-lost sisters? Netizens got a little perplexed over Bea Alonzo and Bela Padilla’s recent face swap.

Bela shared a photo of her face swap with Bea via Instagram (@belapadilla) yesterday, April 24.

A photo posted by Bela (@belapadilla) on

“I'll work on the face swap movie concept soon,” she captioned.

This Generation’s Movie Queen Bea posted a comment that went, “twins!!!”

Meanwhile, TV host Mariel Padilla also left a comment on Bela’s post which read, “I have always said you guys looked alike!!!!”

Here are some of the netizens’ comments:

gorgeousyhan: i thougt it's the same face without reading the caption..

victorious.queen.bae: Parang KAMBAL :D hahaha! hope na magka-project kayo together!

onetbuhain: Hope magkaproject kayo together!!! Pwd kayong kambal!!! Hihi both so pretty!!!

hynieazarcon: Omygosh. Both pretty magkamukha talaga!

jrc0512: Parang pinagbiyak na bunga tlaga... magkapatid yta kau.. hehehe!!! @beaalonzo @belapadilla both beautiful

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