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Does Dawn Zulueta get offended when she's called a 'tita?'

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Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/21/2016 in News
Does Dawn Zulueta get offended when she's called a 'tita?'

Dawn Zulueta has no qualms about being called a "tita (auntie)."

Asked about this by various reporters, the ageless beauty replied, "No. I really am a tita. A lot of my nephews, they call me naman Tita Dawn."

The 47-year-old award-winning actress just reasoned out, "The trick is, you are a tita that doesn't look like one."

When asked about her beauty secret, Dawn shared, "Surround yourself with positivity and have a lot of young friends [like Coleen, Gino, and Piolo] to teach you all the cool good stuff because that helps."

She happily claimed, "I am young at heart!"

With her upcoming film "Love Me Tomorrow" being set in the world of millennials, Dawn, together with Piolo Pascual, Coleen Garcia, and their 26-year-old director Gino Santos, felt young and vibrant on the set.

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