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Cristine Reyes apologizes over issue with Vivian Velez

Cristine Reyes offers a blow-by-blow account of her misunderstanding with Vivian Velez.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/9/2016 in News
Cristine Reyes apologizes over issue with Vivian Velez

"Tubig at Langis" star Cristine Reyes finally  addressed her issue with co-star Vivian Velez, who alleged that she humiliated her on the set.

On her Facebook account yesterday, March 8, Cristine posted a blow-by-blow account of her side of the story, including the dressing room miscommunication, and why she had to sing "Goodbye" in-between taping a scene with Vivian.

"I just want to put things in perspective. I have always put our senior stars in high regard and do my best to treat them with much respect. In fact I have not had any incidents like this with anyone, senior or otherwise, on the set of any project until now..." she maintained.

The actress also pointed out, "To be very clear about it, I never requested anyone at any point for Ms Vivian to be transferred rooms. In fact, I gladly welcomed production’s request for her to share a room with me while her room was still unavailable."

"And despite the inconvenience I encountered while she was around, I had no intentions whatsoever of booting her out."

Cristine apologized over the incident and expressed her intention of reaching a resolution.”

She said, "I am sorry that some gaps in the communication between the production staff, Ms Vivian, and myself escalated some issues.

"I reiterate that I wanted them resolved soonest for everyone’s peace of mind.

“I am also sorry that emotions got so heightened that some of my actions were misconstrued for rudeness when they were, more than anything else, my own way of coping with the stressful working conditions on the set in this particular instance.”

“But I sincerely apologize if it hurt Ms Vivian or anybody else."

Read her full statement here:


The 27-year-old actress followed the post  up by thanking her co-stars, director, and the whole staff and crew of "Tubig at Langis."

She wrote, "I'd like to thank my co-star, director and our staff, specifically @TartCarlos, @DionneMonsanto, @RaymsOcampo, Boss Tet our Executive Producer, Boss Mamu our Production Manager and our Business unit Head Dir. Ruel S. Bayani for standing by the truth and guiding me to be the better person in the midst of this trying situation."


"Tubig at Langis" also topbills Zanjoe Marudo and Isabel Daza.

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