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Diego denies mauling Lopez brothers

Diego Loyzaga has finally addressed rumors on the alleged mauling incident involving him.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/16/2016 in News
Diego denies mauling Lopez brothers

It was not as one-sided as initial reports about the mauling incident involving Diego Loyzaga suggest, the actor said in an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN News' Ginger Conejero Tuesday afternoon.


The 20-year-old Loyzaga, the son of actor Cesar Montano, denied that he and his friends ganged up on Paolo and Angelo Lopez, the brothers who were allegedly beaten up, during the incident that happened outside a posh club in Taguig City.


"Wala po akong sinaktan, wala po akong sinapak. Yes, doon sa loob nagkaguluhan kami pero because of self-defense. I just tried to stop him from hitting me. So why am I getting blamed for what happened to him?" Loyzaga said.


Loyzaga recalled that the incident began when the girlfriend of Angelo asked him for a picture. He said Paolo then walked up to him and pushed him to the ground, contrary to the claims of the brothers that they had asked the actor properly to take his hands off the girl.


At this point, Loyzaga said he and Paolo were still civil and were asked to settle their dispute outside the club. "Nag-apologize ako, nag-apologize din siya and we shook hands. We even hugged," he claimed.


However, one of his friends got into a fight with a man he observed was waiting for them at the parking lot. Loyzaga surmised that the man, along with another individual who he said was armed, were friends of Paolo and Angelo.


"Doon na kami naging emosyonal. So binalikan ko si Paolo and started to ask him, 'Paolo, do you know who that person was?' Kasi imposibleng coincidence lang na may taong nagaabang sa amin," he said.


This part of Loyzaga's narration was consistent with the claims of Paolo and Angelo's party that the actor began asking them about a man they did not know.


Loyzaga continued that he was then hit at the left side of his jaw that left him "bloodied" and "dazed." The punch also caused to him to fall to the ground and fracture his right hand.


"I was bleeding out. I couldn't see anything anymore. Wala na po akong nakita kung sino ang nagrarambulan. I just saw a lot of people falling, fighting, and throwing punches," he said.


Loyzaga then expressed his frustration of not being able to help his friends as he was taken to a hospital, and explained that he could not have punched either of the brothers in his state that night.


"I'm being blamed for what happened to the brothers. I honestly don't know what happened to the brothers. I know that Paolo got beaten up really bad, but Angelo, I don't know where he went," he said.


He also criticized the sister of Angelo and Paolo, who was quoted by entertainment website Pep and the Philippine Daily Inquirer in their reports, for releasing a statement when she was not even at the posh club when the incident happened.


Loyzaga also denied the claim of Angelo's girlfriend that he had asked one of his friends to beat up Paolo. "It's too ridiculous of a statement," he hit back.

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