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If 'Gimik' is to be revived...

If “Gimik” comes back after 20 years, here’s a contributor's dream lineup.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/8/2016 in News
If 'Gimik' is to be revived...

By Gene Blaesi

In 1996, ABS-CBN gathered the biggest young stars for “Gimik,” the network’s first-ever barkada series mirroring the life of teenagers of the 90s.

Exactly after 20 years, imagine if “Gimik” would return to the boob tube. The “Gimik" barkada would probably have a coffee shop as their ultimate “tambayan” in lieu of a sari-sari store. “Ligawan" and “pagpapa-cute” would be all over their Facebook feeds. Updates on where and what they’re studying in the moment would be captured in an Instagram post. And their phone calls would be replaced with multi-party video conferences or group chats.

Different settings, same relatable issues.

Here are our bets for the stars of the 2016 version of “Gimik!”
Note: these are all imaginary. So before you start world war III, keep calm and bring it up in the comments section below!
Daniel Padilla would be Ricky Calderon (Rico Yan) and Kathryn Bernardo would be Dianne Villaruel (Judy Ann Santos).
Ricky and Dianne’s love story would stir some “Pangako Sa’Yo” feels with the pair secretly dating before they formally came out with their relationship. Individually, both are responsible kids and reliable sources of strength of the barkada.

Enrique Gil would be Gary Ballesteros (Diether Ocampo) and Liza Soberano would be Gina De Leon (G Toengi).

Gary and Gina had less-than-ideal family setups, but they work hard to make things work. They always fight, but their love eventually always wins. The crazy ride that is their love story would be perfect for LizQuen!

And Liza and Kathryn, Enrique and Daniel as the ultimate best friends? #BFFgoals!

James Reid as Joey Fajardo (Marvin Agustin) and Nadine Lustre would play SC Aragon (Jolina Magdangal).

Marvin and Jolina always gave off that cute and feel-good vibe, and we can see that in JaDine now – overdose levels! It would be uber-kilig to witness them start out as friends, then Joey getting jealous of Brian, and Joey and SC finally taking their friendship to the next level!

Albie Casino would play Brian Ledesma (Bojo Molina) and Julia Montes would be Melanie Suntay (Mylene Dizon).
Another one of the more mature relationships in the barkada. Melanie is a hardworking nursing scholar while Brian is a photographer whose mom wants him to become a doctor instead. Julia and Albie’s chemistry warmed up on “Mara Clara (2010).” What if we revived that?

Diego Loyzaga would be Jigs Mercado (Diego Castro).

Diego as Jigs, the ultimate martyr. He was in love with Dianne but he gave way to Ricky. Aww. Let us give you a hug, Jigs.

Juan Karlos “JK” Labajo would play Carlo De Leon (Patrick Garcia) and Andrea Brillantes would be Cathy Dominguez (LJ Moreno).
JK and Andrea make up one promising pair, especially with what we’ve seen in “Pangako Sa’Yo.” Carlo is Gina’s brother who develops feelings for Cathy, an athletic gal.

Nash Aguas would be Toffee Sanchez (Kristopher Peralta) and Alexa Ilacad would be Kakai Marquez (Kaye Abad).

It would be interesting to see NLex with a ka-“love triangle” before they end up with each other on the show. Toffee always has his sights for Kakai, but she had a crush on Carlo. The catch: The two guys are best friends! 

Same thoughts as ours? Any pitches for the extended cast? Share your own list in the comments section!

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