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Unforgettable movie lines of Maricel Soriano we can use in real life

In celebration of her birthday, author relives some of the memorable lines of the Diamond Star in her movies.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/25/2016 in News
Unforgettable movie lines of Maricel Soriano we can use in real life

By Borgieana Danao


It's February 25 and as we commemorate the 30 years of the EDSA Revolution, I remember another icon who made a revolution in Philippine movies through her best acting pieces and most memorable lines in Star Cinema Movies.

The one and only Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano, who celebrates her birthday today.

Let’s relive Ms. Maricel’s work, passion, and living legacy through these lines. They're so sharp and on-point, we could probably use them in real life, like when you want to forget someone, or you want to confront someone dear to you who might not be honest.

“Get out of my house! I don’t need a parasite!”

- “Separada,” 1994

This is what Melissa (Maricel Soriano) said to her husband Dodie (Edu Manzano).



“May relasyon ba kayo ng asawa ko?”


“Relasyon! Querida, kabit, number 2, mistress, relasyon.”


“’Wag mo akong ma-Terry, Terry! Iyong tanong ko ang sagutin mo. Are you f***ing my husband?”


- “Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin,” 1994

This is how Terry (Maricel Soriano) confronted Melissa (Zsa Zsa Padilla).

“Erase, erase, erase!”

- “Kung Ayaw Mo, Huwag Mo,” 1998

This is how Doris (Maricel Soriano) stopped herself from falling again with her ex-boyfriend Mike (William Martinez).



“Iniwan kita para mag-isip, hindi para ipagpalit ako sa ibang babae!”

- “Soltera,” 1999

Sandra (Maricel Soriano) lashed out at Eric (Diether Ocampo) when she learned that he was having an affair with Lisa (Claudine Barretto).



“Ganun ba talaga ‘pag nagbigay ka ng 100 percent, dapat hintayin mo ‘yung kapalit na 100 percent din?”

- “Mila,” 2001

Mila (Maricel Soriano) asked her co-teacher Linda (Princess Punzalan) about giving love and expecting love in return.

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Truly, remembering the Diamond Star’s memorable lines gives me the idea that she has something in common about EDSA Revolution. They are both passionate and unforgettable.

Happy birthday, Ms. Maricel!

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