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KC Concepcion, Robin Padilla, and Gab Valenciano offer understanding of Manny Pacquiao

KC, Robin, and Gab share an alternative take on Manny Pacquiao’s controversial statements.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/19/2016 in News
KC Concepcion, Robin Padilla, and Gab Valenciano offer understanding of Manny Pacquiao

Many, whether celebrities or regular folks, have said their piece on Manny Pacquiao’s controversial opposition to same-sex marriage.


While others have expressed dismay, others choose to see the hot topic on a different perspective.


One of them is singer-actress KC Concepcion, who believes that what the world boxing champ did was a “honest mistake.”


In a PEP report, KC said, “As a Filipino, I will just try to remember everything that Kuya Manny did for our country. Kuya Manny is just human after all. We look at him as a superhero, but we forget that even superheroes can be human.”


She hopes that following Manny’s apology, he “will be okay with the LGBT community.”


“He does have many fans there who supported him during the time when he made us proud to be a Filipino,” she added.


Action star and “Pilipinas Got Talent” Season 5 judge Robin Padilla maintained his support for Manny as seen in a recent Instagram post.


"Protect those who are few, poor and weak. Religion has nothing to do with it or around it. My support to you will not change. I still believe in your heart. Listen to it and trust it always. It will never mislead a HERO," he wrote.

Gabriel “Gab Valenciano,” musician-dancer and son of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano, urged netizens to be more forgiving of Manny.


In a Facebook post, Gab said that people should also remember the great things he has done for the country.

"Years of sacrificing his body for the greater good of Filipinos all around the world should not equate to his downfall by a single mistake. The man apologized. Let us try to forgive him," he said.


In parting, he said, "If you feel 'these people' have wronged you or God in any way, let them handle it. Stop being annoying. Stop meddling. Share the word, yes. Force it down their throats, no.”


"And I choose love. The moment you choose to love unconditionally will be the moment you free yourself from any sign of judgment, indifference and/or ignorance. Just let love win, on all fronts, so we can all experience lives worth living for," Gab added.


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