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Meet the characters of ‘Dolce Amore’

Meet the characters that you are about to love in “Dolce Amore”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/15/2016 in News
Meet the characters of ‘Dolce Amore’

Today, February 15, we will witness the pilot episode of another Star Creatives original – “Dolce Amore.” But before that, let us introduce you to the cast that you are about to love every night on Primetime Bida.
SERENA (Liza Soberano)

Adopted by rich Italian couple Luciana and Roberto Marqueza, Serena is living the life like that of a princess, yet she felt like she’s trapped in a castle that she never wanted. She longs for a simple life, explore the world and find her true identity.

TENTEN (Enrique Gil)

An orphan who was never adopted until the cook of the orphanage – Nanay Taps – finally did. He never felt loved like ever before, and he found true meaning of love through her family.

GIAN CARLO (Matteo Guidicelli)

Giancarlo is a rich italian boy who falls in love with his best friend, Serena.


LUCIANA (Cherie Gil)

The adoptive Mother of Serena. As much as she wants to love Serena with all her heart, there is always a wall between them. She’s a very strict Mama, always wanted her daughter to fit in like a princess. To be extraordinary.


ROBERTO (Ruben Maria Soriquez)


The loving Papa of Serena. He’s the one who adopted her and loved her like his own.


NANAY TAPS (Rio Locsin)

The cook of the orphanage who was there from the moment Tenten was still a baby. She witnessed how Tenten grew up with still no family adopting him. Her heart of gold saw the boy who longed for the love of a family. She then adopted him and loved him like her own son.

TATAY DODOY (Edgar “Bobot” Mortiz)


He is the loving adoptive father of Tenten and the loving husband of Nanay Taps.


KUYA BINGGOY (Kean Cipriano)

Kuya Binggoy is the real son of Tatay Dodoy and Nanay Taps. But like the couple, he loved Tenten like a real brother. He, however, always has a problem with decision–making.

ALICE (Sunshine Cruz)

Alice is a nurse based in the Middle East. She and husband Uge were separated during a war and also lost their child in the process.


UGE (Andrew E.)


Uge is an OFW based in the Middle East. He longs to reunite with his wife Alice whom he got separated from during a war.

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