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10 tear-jerking celebrity wedding vows

These celebrity wedding vows will leave you teary-eyed!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/15/2016 in News
10 tear-jerking celebrity wedding vows

There is an undeniable fascination with celebrity weddings. We just can’t help but notice the proud, loving look in every groom's eyes and the special glow in the stunning brides.

Most of the time, though, it's their vows that really get to us.

So, as it's still the love month, we thought it best to keep the celebration going with these tear-jerking and sweetest parts of some of the most memorable celebrity weddings.

1. Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano

Paul: "When I saw you come down that aisle, I saw everything; my future, the beautiful mother of my children in the future - that was the rest of my life right there, my partner for life, my miracle."

Toni: "From now on your happiness is my happiness, what makes you sad will make me more sad, and what hurts you will hurt me the most. It has been a long journey my love, and now, we are finally getting married. And it is a great love story because God wrote ours. It was exactly eight years ago today when I said to become your girlfriend. And even then I knew in my heart that you’ll be the same man I would say yes to become my husband. Happy anniversary my love, and I am so excited to finally experience my life with you. We can now do whatever we want and there's no need to drop me home because now, you are my home."

Paul Soriano and Celestine Gonzaga - Soriano | 6.12.15 from TEN17P on Vimeo.

2. Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas

Mar: "Korina, I take you as God's precious gift. I love you as you are. You are precious to me. I am happy we are together and truly thank you for taking me and putting up with me. I give myself to you as your best friend, to applaud when you succeed and encourage when you stumble."

Korina: "Ikaw ang katuparan ng lahat ng aking hinintay at minimithi ng aking puso na maging kasama, karamay, kaibigan, at kakampi. Ikaw ang aking pinili upang alayan ng lahat ng iyong kakailanganin sa isang kasama at katabi sa buhay sa abot ng aking makakaya. Dumaan man ang unos, mga pagsubok, ang sakit, ang kabiguan, ako ay mananatiling dikit sa iyong dibdib kahawak nang mahigpit ng iyong mga kamay."

3. Chito Miranda and Neri Naig

Well, on their wedding day they just exchanged the usual "I Dos" but what makes it tear-jerking was when Neri was walking down the aisle and Chito can't help but cry. And who will forget Chito's sweetest proposal to Neri saying, “Ako na siguro and pinakaswerteng lalaki sa buong Cavite dahil mapapangasawa ko 'yung pinakamagandang babae sa Eastwood…kung papayag siya? Will you marry me, baby?"

4. Bianca Gonzalez and JC Intal

Bianca: “I knew you were the one for me when I felt your love. You loved me in a way I have always wanted to be loved. We will both never forget the feeling of today. John Christopher Antonio Intal, in front of all the people who are dear to us, I want to say mahal na mahal na mahal kita and I’m so excited to be your wife.”

JC: “Bianca, I’m very grateful to be marrying the woman, the woman I’ve prayed for. I know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And I vow to love and serve you with all my heart. Promise talaga 'yun.”

5. John Prats and Isabel Oli

John: Wifey, I will cherish you and give you my heart. I will support you and care for you faithfully. Lagi akong nasa tabi mo at hawak ang kamay mo, regardless of what life will bring to us. At alam ko na darating yung mga oras na mag-aaway tayo. But I promise you na lagi akong nandito para ayusin ang lahat, because I want this to be forever. I love you.”

Isabel: “To my childhood crush, my superhero Batang X, my Ang TV cutie patootie, my Dance Floor Dynamite, my best friend and my partner in life, I can’t promise to complete you and make your life perfect on my own. Without the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in our marriage, my efforts will come to nothing.”

6. Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco

Jason to Melai: “Melissa, you know I love you like a love song baby. I really do. It’s the reason why we are here in church, to share it with our loved ones and our fans and our families. I, Jason Francisco, say this and proud as always that I love you always and soon to our baby that I will give all the best that I could to be a good father and husband to you and your family.  I love you with all of my heart. I love you more and more and more. I love you Melissa Cantiveros. God bless you and to our baby and let’s get loud.”

Melai: “Right from the start, you were a thief [because] you stole my heart and I, your willing victim. I may not be able to be the best wife, but I will try my very best to be a best, not a beast mother like my mother to my father. Char char lang! Many humps, very rough curves, and crossroads that we will experience, but no matter what obstacles it may be, at the end of the day—7:30 p.m. it’s always you and me.”

7. Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones

Jericho: “That house we will make a home nothing will shatter nor destroy. The God of unity built its pillars, nothing will tear us apart. No man can separate what God has put together and there will be no other home but in your arms. I can't wait—sexy time.”

Kim: “I just want you to know that I feel so blessed to be here with you today and I thank you for everything that you've done for me. I love you, I love you forever. We're a team now. I believe that God has ordained this relationship and because of that I'm going to spend the rest of my life loving you.”

8. Yeng Constantino and Yan Asuncion

Yan: “Sobrang saya ko na ikaw ang makakasama ko habang buhay. Tinupad ng Panginoon ang pangarap at hiling ko na makasama ang isang katulad mo. Biyaya ang magmahal nang ganito. Yeng ikaw ang una’t huli na aking mamahalin. Hanggang sa dulo ikaw lang."

Yeng: "I admire your wit, your humor, your heart. I know that God has great plans for you. So go on, love, write beautiful songs, paint, sing, write a book, kasi dinesign ka ni God to do those things. Nasa likod mo lang ako at si God."

9. Lloyd Lee and Shamcey Supsup

Lloyd: “First impression ko sa'yo sabi ko wow! No wonder nanalo 'to sa pageant. Bukod pa man sa matalino, ang ganda at ang sexy grabe. Hindi pa nagtatapos dun. Nung nag-smile ka, wala na. The rest was history… I promise nothing will change between us. I will continue to love you unconditionally and forever be in love with you.”

Shamcey: “When you came into my life everything changed, I changed. You made me believe that there's a love worth living and fighting for. And then I realized you're the reason why God didn't let me have any relationships before. Because He wanted to prepare me for you, only you."

10. Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro

Saab: "You are the man my dad would’ve wanted for his baby girl. There’s no doubt in my heart that he is happy to be giving me away to you today. I think my dream about you was some sort of sign. But I would’ve been afraid to act on it alone. Whatever force it was that nudged you towards me the next day, I’m ever so grateful for it."

Jim to Saab: "Saab, marrying you and raising our family will be my greatest legacy. So before God today, I promise you a life of laughter, my loyalty, my love, and a whole lot of rock and roll. This is our masterpiece. I promise you, I will never get tired of singing it.”

Jim and Saab {to infinity and beyond} from Notion in Motion on Vimeo.

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