Umasa, Naniwala, Gumanda!
The stories of women who believed in hope and came out even more beautiful!
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by Star Cinema Admin
12/8/2016 in News
Umasa, Naniwala, Gumanda!
“Umasa ka na ba?"
When asked this question, some women might say no, but many might say yes. This is often associated with romance, perhaps from expecting too much or from having false hopes. A lot of these women end up getting heartbroken. Don't you think it's time to move on and try to open yourself to new possibilities?
Same goes with your  beloved skin care products. There are times when you keep on using your old skin care products because it's what you have gotten used to. You stick to the same regimen, not knowing that your skin might have other needs.

Good thing many women have already found out about one of the newest skin care product lines (Gluta-C Kojic Plus+) in the market, and started to trust its efficacy. Some confidently post their before-and-after photos on its Facebook page. Many also claim that they’ve seen the results as early as two weeks of use.

“I love the scent of this lotion. Partner ko pa siya sa soap, ‘yung newest niyo. Ang cute ng size and hindi siya basta natutunaw. Ang bango and nakakatuwa kasi nakikita ko ang effect in two weeks. I’m in love and a proud user here,” says Denisse Louianna Arias.
Aside from the brand’s soap and lotion, women also love the Gluta-C Kojic Plus+ powder which is one of the first whitening loose powders in the market.
 “I really love this powder. First time ko kahapon na gumamit sa morning lang ha before I go to work hanggang gabi okay pa rin ang beauty ko, blooming na blooming pa rin. Sa sabon din nakakawala ng dark spot. Thanks to Gluta-C Kojic Plus+, nakakapag-selfie na ako nang walang filter,” says Kathleen Joyce Tunac Andrada.
One of the users even said that the brand feels like love; it makes her blooming.
“Four times skin whitening effect kaya ito ginagamit ko kasi tiwala ako. Hiyang na hiyang ako. Parang love, lakas makapagpa-blooming,” says Josephine Caño Reyes.
Gluta-C Kojic Plus+ is a new product line from Gluta-C, which has gained loyal customers and firm converts through the years because of its effective delivery of safe skin whitening with the combined powers of Glutathione and Vitamin C. Gluta-C Kojic Plus+ has 4X skin whitening action - Glutathione, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid and Azelaoyl Diglycinate that ensures intense and fast skin whitening. Other than that, it is also anti-acne and non-drying.
Do you also want to feel blooming without that special someone? For more comments and testimonials, check out the Gluta-C Kojic Plus+ Facebook page:
Gluta-C Intense White
Meanwhile, “The Super Parental Guardians” stars Vice Ganda and Coco Martin, with child wonders Awra Briguela and Onyok Pineda.
Directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal, the film has earned P250 million in just a span of five days and it’s still showing in more than 300 cinemas nationwide!

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