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#ReelxReal Exclusive: Is Nadine about to curate her own exhibit?
Nadine Lustre is up to something and we are all about it.
Chandral Selim
by Chandral Selim
12/8/2016 in News
#ReelxReal Exclusive: Is Nadine about to curate her own exhibit?
Instagram goddess and all-around creative maven Nadine Lustre has a number of projects up her sleeve and one of them just might come to fruition next year.

Because, well:

On a side note, you know you made it big when someone takes your name and makes it into a website, so kudos to Nadine for being so hardworking and talented!

Alright, so back on track now. Those tweets were posted today, December 8, and presumably, if the domain owner is a fan, Nadine might be able to obtain it sometime soon.
So, online...check!

If Nadine is involved in any project whatsoever that most likely means it's a creative venture of some sort. We did speak to Nadine recently and she hinted that we might see the world through her lens very, very soon.

"Last year 'yun 'yung plano ko, polaroids, an exhibit," she revealed.

"Tapos ibebenta ko and then 'yung money, ilalagay ko sa charity, kaya lang hindi ko matuloy kasi kulang pa 'yung photos. I was thinking mga 200 polaroids," she said.

The actress-singer continued, "Eh walang time or nakakalimutan ko minsan. So wala eh ang dami kasing iniisip. And book, soon, baka photo book. Hopefully matuloy."

Talk about her #FeedGoals coming to life - something we can actually see up close and touch beyond the phone's bright screen.

"Maraming plano eh, marami akong gustong gawin," she then pressed.

And then, this clue:

"Isa-isa lang kasi ngayon may isa pa ‘kong project pero secret muna. Next year, sa February."

A! Secret! Project! This! February!

2017 come quick! For now, though, we can always look to her very well curated Instagram as a "sneak peek" to get us through waiting for her website.

Welcome back chérie ♡

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I think you should just go for it.

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And just like that my skies became blue again.

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