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‘VKJ’ cast answers: Is it okay to court through text?

In this age, can you love with #NoFilter? Let's find out from #VinceAndKathAndJames!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

12/7/2016 in News
‘VKJ’ cast answers: Is it okay to court through text?
Technology defines most of what we do today, and it’s hard to do anything without at least some help of our gadgets and social media. But does that mean we should rely on technology for everything, including romance?

The cast of “Vince and Kath and James” namely Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia, Ronnie Alonte, and Maris Racal answered the question yesterday, December 6, during the movie’s grand media conference.

For Maris, it’s all about striking a happy balance between courting the traditional and digital ways.

“Malaking bagay din kasi 'yung text, kasi parang may sariling mundo kayo and it adds to the kilig kapag nakita mo siya in person,” she explained. “Pero sa traditional… gusto ko 'yung friend ko siya, kilala ko siya, pero nakikita ko 'yung effort na gusto niya talaga ako.”

Julia agreed with what Maris said, adding that the kilig is doubled through texting and meeting in person.

‘'Yung texting, nakakakilig talaga siya, 'yung tinatanong kung okay ka lang ba... It means thoughtful talaga 'yung guy kasi may pakialam siya sa buhay mo,” she said.

“Pero kapag sa text kasi, doon may filter. Kapag text talaga, mapapaisip ka, ano ba ire-reply ko dito, ano ba ang ipapakita ko sa kanya about me? Kapag personalan, ang reaction mabilis 'yun. Mababasa mo 'yan sa mata ng tao. Kapag may sinabi 'yung lalaki na nakakakilig, kitang-kita 'yun sa mata ng babae na kinikilig siya,” she furthered.

But do the boys agree with what the girls had to say?

Joshua did, but Ronnie, not so much.

The Hashtags member, a self-confessed torpe, revealed that he can only approach girls though texting and social media.

“Kinukuha ko ‘yung number nila tapos doon ako nanliligaw,” Ronnie shared with a laugh.

Meanwhile, Joshua thinks texting is also a good source of kilig, but is not the way for a relationship to develop fully.

“Hindi ako nanliligaw sa text, parang ang pangit ng dating sa babae. Hindi 100% 'yung kilig kapag text lang. Kapag personal kasi, iba talaga ‘yung mararamdaman mo,” he said.

What do you think? Can you find love through texting alone? Or does real, personal connection trump technological innovations?

“Vince and Kath and James” is a teen romance movie that shows how to love with #NoFilter.

When Kath (Julia) starts receiving sweet, anonymous texts, she wonders who they might be from. Could it be from Vince (Joshua), the nerdy, torpe guy she can’t stand, or James (Ronnie), the cute varsity player she likes? How will her love story unfold? Will someone love her in real life, beyond the bright screen of her phone?

Find out when “Vince and Kath and James” premieres in cinemas on Christmas day!

"Vince and Kath and James" is the film adaptation of Queen Elly's viral social serye, directed by Theodore Boborol.

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