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Get to know Queen Elly, author of ‘Vince and Kath’

Queen Elly reveals where she got inspiration for “Vince and Kath”

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

12/27/2016 in News
Get to know Queen Elly, author of ‘Vince and Kath’

Jenny Ruth Almocera has come a long way. Known online as Queen Elly, the mastermind behind the viral text serye “Vince and Kath,” she relayed the happiness she felt over the success of the franchise to starcinema.com.ph.

“Hindi ko ine-expect na magiging viral ‘yung text serye, tapos ngayon may book na, may comics na, tapos may movie na din,” she enthused.

She explained that nostalgia for the texting days, before the dawn of social media apps, was one of the reasons she thinks the text serye became a hit.

“Iba ‘yung kilig sa text,” she said with a smile.

Queen Elly also considers herself quite similar to Kath.

“Si Kath kasi palaban, ako din sobrang palaban,” she said.

As for the character of Vince, she drew inspiration from a lot of men she met in her life.

“From college days na mga kilala ko, hanggang sa ‘yung naging father ng kids ko ngayon, naging inspiration para kay Vince,” she said.

Her text serye now has a movie adaptation “Vince and Kath and James,” which stars Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia and Ronnie Alonte.

Watch the full interview here:

“Vince and Kath and James” is a teen romance movie that shows how to love with #NoFilter.

When Kath (Julia Barretto) starts receiving sweet, anonymous texts, she wonders who they might be from. Could it be from Vince (Joshua Garcia), the nerdy, torpe guy she can’t stand, or James (Ronnie Alonte), the cute varsity player she likes? How will her love story unfold? Will someone love her in real life, beyond the bright screen of her phone?

"Vince and Kath and James" is Star Cinema's official entry to the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival. Adapted from Queen Elly's viral social serye "Vince and Kath" and directed by Theodore Boborol, it’s now showing in over 150 cinemas nationwide!

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