All In 2016: McLisse

34 McLisse moments, captured in kilig GIFs

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12/23/2016 in News
All In 2016: McLisse

By Rowena Joy Sanchez

Five months into being a love team, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson have become company favorite as endorsers and a trending pair on social whose joint appearances on "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano" and "It's Showtime," among others, are much awaited every time.

We attempt to capture the fast, “kilig,” and phenomenal rise of McLisse in over 30 GIFs (deliberation was hard, folks!) – which show their natural connection as well as the depth of their closeness.

1. This moment, taken from their "Kung Magiging Tayo" number with Rocksteddy on "It's Showtime," pretty much sums up their journey as a pair. They've already known each other from way back, but it's only this year, through "Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7," that they became a love team.


2. The first meeting inside "PBB" that started it all...



3. But of course THEY'RE FRIENDS. And McCoy acknowledged the heartaches that Elisse went through.


4. Care is when you let her borrow your comb (which you inspected and cleaned first!)...


Go #TeamSuklay.

5. And you provide her with some "wind effect" during a photoshoot.


6. There were firsts, such as the First Hug, McCoy's comforting gesture for a crying Elisse.


7. The First Dance, that helped them loosen up to each other more.


(Look at that skinship!)

8. And another (from their post-"PBB" "Showtime" guesting)...


9. Then another one (at the "PBB" Swerteen Ball)...


10. The baby luvs bumping into each other and the annoyance quickly shifts to delight (from "Banana Sundae"):


11. Let's not forget this "panga" moment from "Tonight With Boy Abunda Online Exclusive" (during  the "Titigan Challenge")


12. The no-words-but-you-get-each-other moment...


13. We knew that Elisse has gotten more comfortable with McCoy when she, a self-admitted introvert, began peeling her layers and showing her "makulit" side to him.


14. And she's forthright about how she feels or thinks about McCoy.


15. McCoy, who Elisse often teases to being "hanggang salita/text lang," has become a man not only of his word but also of his acts.

Proof 1, at the Hashtags concert:


16. Proof 2, on "Gandang Gabi Vice:"


17. Whenever they have tampuhan...


18. We have to give it to McCoy, who is an A when it comes to Effort.

Proposal 1, for the Swerteen Ball:


(Note that before this, he went blindfold and made all those cutesy confessions to Elisse.)

19. Proposal 2, in the afternoon before the Star Magic Ball... (conniving~ with some McLisse fans)


20. And when evening came, they were among the most-awaited pairs at the red carpet.


21. McLisse added sweet relief to "Ang Probinsyano" late this year when they joined the cast. There are times, though, when JP-Lorraine moments felt like actual McCoy and Elisse IRL.


22. It's also worth noting that in less than five months, they've become proud parents... to McMc, the dog that McCoy gave Elisse during the Hashtags concert.


23. However, there's a debate over proper support.


*wink wink*

24. Underneath all the kilig is the friendship that the two have developed through their constant togetherness.

There's a simple kind of protectiveness...


25. There were moments of listening...


26. ...and advising each other.


27. And they went into the partnership believing in each other...


28. ... and wanting to make it last.


29. Because who knows, they're headed to something even more beautiful, right?


30. But first, Tita Barbie (Elisse's mom).


31. But it looks like, as far as they are concerned, there's this:


32. And this:


33. And this lambingan:


34. Hay, these two!


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