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Liza explains why ‘My Ex and Whys’ is better for 2017

Liza reveals why she’s not ready for a kissing scene

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

12/13/2016 in News
Liza explains why  ‘My Ex and Whys’ is better for 2017

Liza Soberano is glad that her upcoming film with Enrique Gil “My Ex and Whys” has been moved to a 2017 play date.
Liza and Enrique were in Korea just last November to shoot some scenes for the film, so she agrees that they really do need “more time” to make sure the film will be at its best.
“I’m actually really happy that it was moved because at least we have more time to really work on it instead of just rushing it,” she said in an interview published by Push today, December 13.
She also added why she thinks it would be an advantage for the LizQuen fans. “As I was told, they need more time to make ipon. So they can afford the tickets. So I’m really happy that they’ll be given that chance,” she said.
Their fans don’t seem to mind that the film will arrive a little later than expected, because the hype only gets stronger after its teaser was shown at the ABS-CBN Christmas Trade Lunch last November.
The teaser showed their characters Cali and Gio, inside a contained box, in the dark, forced in a game of “Seven Minutes In Heaven,” where the players are usually expected to make out for seven minutes.
Cali and Gio didn’t feel the need to do it so they just pretended to do so for the sake of their friends waiting outside.
The funny scene led fans to thinking if we’re all finally getting a kissing scene from LizQuen.
But not wanting to give their fans some false hopes, Liza stated that she’s not ready to do one just yet. Her manager Ogie Diaz also believes that his "alaga" should wait a little longer.
“We want to preserve the youth in me and as take long as we can to extend it,” she added.
“My Ex and Whys” is helmed by box-office director by Cathy Garcia-Molina.

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