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The best of the best in Kimerald's cinematic history (Part 2)

Every fan's definitive guide to the most iconic scenes in Kimerald movies! Part 2!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/9/2016 in News
The best of the best in Kimerald's cinematic history (Part 2)

By Chandral Selim

Ever miss Kimerald?

In this five-part series, we aim to give the definitive refresher in Kimerald's cinematic history. From their early days in "First Day High" to their last film, their 2012 reunion project, "24/7 in Love."

In this second part, we discuss their last major film as a love team, "Till My Heartaches End."

"Till My Heartaches End" was bittersweet. The movie was released in 2010 during a very controversial time in Kimerald's career.

This movie served up the very best of Kimerald. It was complex, going deep into the characters of Powie and Agnes, presenting them as real characters with real aspirations and not just vehicles for "kilig." Nonetheless, "kilig" was never far behind.

For example, this double take, which is one for the books.

Also this hilarious scene which showed off, once again, Gerald's talent for subtle characterization:


And this heartfelt scene where Powie introduced Agnes to a revolutionary bakery in Kamuning.

Great, right? These scenes made the real, heart-wrenching pit of despair moments even more iconic, and worthy of a couple of watches. Like this bread-induced first kiss.

This triple kiss move which will always, without fail, make any cold, cold heart melt.

You will also not be able to contain the feels when you see the first time they said "I love you" to each other.

And so when Powie and Agnes' relationship started its long, downward spiral, you feel for the characters and you root for them to be together, even when it is extremely clear that that would probably be unwise.

That complexity of character is built on the movie's great script, and Kimerald's cinematic charisma.

When they break up, it will kill you. You will mourn.

And when they got back together? You will root for them once again.


This movie showcases an older and wiser Kimerald. "Till My Heartaches End" tackles real problems that adult relationships suffer, the slow burn and the even slower burning out.

Kim is so believable as the fresh-faced, innocent probinsyana who falls in love with Gerald's rough-around-the-edges playboy.

The movie takes its sweet time in proving to its audience that Agnes and Powie would be good together. Both have parents abroad, both are just starting their careers, and both are crazy about each other.

The film spends the first half of the movie making us accept this premise, and then spends the second half coming at it with a sledgehammer. Suddenly, it's not a movie about a love that works, it's a movie about two people who fell in love and grew apart.

It's a genius movie, in that way.

Watch out for the next three parts of this series, which will tackle the movies "I've Fallen For You," "Paano Na Kaya," and their 2012 reunion project, "24/7 in Love."

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