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The best of the best in Kimerald's cinematic history (Part 1)

Every fan's definitive guide to the most iconic scenes in Kimerald movies

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/9/2016 in News
The best of the best in Kimerald's cinematic history (Part 1)

By Chandral Selim

Kimerald is one of the most iconic and celebrated love teams of their generation. At the height of their team-up, Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson made us laugh, cry, and most importantly, fall in love. Their love team redefined authenticity on-screen. To this day, almost a decade after their cinematic debut, they still have a dedicated fan base and has cemented a major imprint in Filipino pop culture.

In this five-part series, we give you the definitive guide to the most memorable, heart-wrenching scenes in Kimerald's movies as your pre-game for their comeback television show "Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin," which was announced last month.

For this first article, we get into the heart of Kimerald's first film as a love team, "First Day High," released in 2006.

"First Day High" revolved around a heavily segregated, and for some reason, color-coded college. Kim played a know-it-all character named Indi, while Gerald played a jock who's hilariously named MJ2, which stands for Michael Jordan. Fate brought their characters together as "lab" partners, and the rest was history.

The most iconic Kimerald scene in "First Day High"? Their first movie fight, no less.

CONTEXT: MJ2 showed up late for a studying session, which resulted into a fight that was borne out of Indi overreacting just a little bit. This overreaction stems from how Indi handles her parents'—they were also an odd match, being a nerd and a jock—marital problems.

As we see, MJ2 tried to explain himself but Indi wasn't having any of it.

This upset MJ2, to the point where he started saying things he probably didn't mean.

And then this happened...

As we come to the tail end of the fight, we see Indi serve up low-blows—which are usually the most hurtful—calling MJ "stupid" and showing off, quite impressively, the fact that she knew how to properly use the word "physiognomy".

Wanting to get the last word in, Indi came back and, well...


It shows off Kim and Gerald's dramatic prowess, even then when they were just beginners in the industry. By watching this, it makes us realize that even then, Kim had the ability to step out of herself and get into the heart of a character, and Gerald's talent for subtlety. And to think that this was their first movie straight out of the "Pinoy Big Brother" house!

And of course, "First Day High" also features Kim singing an epic power ballad a la Gabriella Montez in the "High School Musical" song, "When There Was Me And You."


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