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Pia assures netizens ‘I haven't forgotten about my advocacy’

Pia Wurtzbach is a woman of her word!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/7/2016 in News
Pia assures netizens ‘I haven't forgotten about my advocacy’

By Regina Tabora

In the one year she’s been Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach has proven that she’s no simpering wallflower.

She stood up against cyberbullying, contributes to charity, and is very vocal about social and political issues.

Now, Pia’s calling out the netizens who claim she’s forgotten the advocacy she passionately spoke about during the Miss Universe 2015 pageant: HIV awareness.

“I haven't forgotten about my advocacy, ok? I'm so tired of people complaining that I haven't found ‘the cure’ for HIV when clearly I said I would raise awareness,” Pia said in an Instagram post today, November 7.

The beauty queen added, “I said I would raise awareness. Putting the spotlight on it (HIV) so we can start talking about it.”

She pointed out that she doesn’t feel the need to update her every move on her social media accounts, and instead just focuses on the work that she needs to be doing.

“Sometimes the plans you carry have a bigger chance of reaching a larger magnitude if you're just focused on the work,” she wrote.

Pia also mentioned that the mere fact netizens are complaining about her lack of charity work is proof enough that she’s raising awareness for HIV.

“You're thinking about it (HIV), right? Talking about it, correct? Bashing me in the process BUT still getting the message out there. I don't have to spell it out.”

And the one thing that makes the post 100x better? It was uploaded with a photo of her in a bikini, just so she could get everyone’s attention.

Keep slaying, Pia!

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