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Sue Ramirez plays an artist with a heart for her family on 'MMK'

Sue will once again showcase her dramatic prowess on "MMK."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/4/2016 in News
Sue Ramirez plays an artist with a heart for her family on 'MMK'

Eldest among her siblings, Genesis (8) comes to witness how her parents love each other and their family. As a result, she does all she could to be close to her siblings, especially to Jewesis (7) who suffers from epilepsy.

Meanwhile, Genesis idolizes her father Francisco who pushes her to become like him and pursue a career in sketching art. She starts drawing on the walls of their home, until she, with Francisco’s guidance, masters the basics of sketching. But all of this seems to be a mere waste to her mother Emma, thinking that Francisco should be more demonstrative to Jewesis. Genesis gets jealous when she sees her mom is more considerate with Jewesis.

Through drawings she is able to express all her pains and joy in life. Her drawings are her life and she gives importance in every painting she makes. When she gets into college she takes Engineering. That’s the time when her mom is diagnosed of myoma. And one day her sister Jewesis dies because of epilepsy. She grieves, and painting helps her through the tough times. She works while studying just to save money to support the hospital bills of her mom. But she is unable to keep up with the bills, as a final resort she sells her drawings to earn money for her mother.

It is hard for her to let go of her paintings but she realizes that her mother’s life is more important than her paintings. In the end, the paintings her mother discouraged, becomes the way to keep Genesis and her mother together.



Sue Ramirez as Genesis
Mutya Orquia as Young Genesis
Nash Aguas as Jewesis
Josh De Guzman as Young Jewesis
Sharmaine Arnaiz as Emma
Michael Flores as Isco

From: mmk.abs-cbn.com.

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