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How Baby Seve changed Alex Gonzaga's life

Baby Seve is a game-changer for Alex Gonzaga.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/4/2016 in News
How Baby Seve changed Alex Gonzaga's life


By Chandral Selim


Baby Severiano Elliott, the first child of Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano, isn't even a one year but he's already changing lives.


In an interview with PEP published today, November 4, Toni's younger sister Alex shared that both the Soriano and Gonzaga clans are entirely focused on their newest member.


"Lagi kaming andoon sa bahay," Alex said.


The actress-singer-host went as far as saying that "wala na kaming buhay" except Baby Seve, which is expected, given that he is the first grandchild of the Gonzaga family.


Alex joked that in spite of the overwhelming amount of attention Seve gets, "Ako lang ang nakakahalik sa cheeks niya tapos nagkaka-rashes. Sabi ng ate ko, madumi daw ang lips ko kaya bawal ko na siya halikan."


Baby Seve was born last September 30. His parents set up an Instagram account for him, which they fill with intimate photos of their little family.


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